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Marketing Tips That Capitalize on New Year’s Resolutions

January is prime time to capitalize on your FIT Bodywrap© system – and the propensity for your customers to make a New Year’s resolution that involves health and/or weight loss goals. It’s the busy season for tanning salons, spas and wellness centers, so as long as you’ve got all that foot traffic coming through the door, why not offer long-term deals that will keep your clients coming back all year long?

Help Them Make a Plan

We all know that people make resolutions in the first month of the year with good intentions to follow through on their goals. But let’s face it – most of your clients will have given up on them by February! Help them stay on track by assisting them with a plan. A good plan will include time management, dietary considerations, exercise routines and beauty treatment packages, such as tanning and FIT Bodywraps©, which not only help them achieve their goals, they help your clients feel and look better along the way.

You may want to offer free consultations that allow your customers to create a personalized month-by-month goal sheet. Or, prepare a small booklet that includes a list of resources such as local support groups, downloadable apps or online tools. The more you can do to help your clients stay on track, the better your chances of getting them to come in on a regular basis.

Host Special Events

Most people learn by doing, not just by reading or listening. Your salon, clinic or spa can capitalize on this fact by hosting evening or weekend events to show your clients all the tools and services you offer to help them lose weight and get fit. Let them see and touch the equipment and try it out for themselves. To make the event more popular, consider offering healthy snacks and perhaps even giving away a door prize, such as a free month’s worth of FIT Bodywrap© systems or a package of skin care products. You could even partner with a local chef who teaches a quick session on how to cook healthier meals or a personal trainer at a gym who offers exercise advice. This is also a great way to get all members of your community into your salon or spa and introduce them to your services.

Continue the Momentum

Now is the best time to review your marketing plan for the year and be sure it incorporates events designed to help your clients on a regular basis. For instance, winter often means they are stuck indoors and the lack of humidity creates dry skin, among other problems. Focus now on offering FIT Bodywrap© treatments to soften skin while helping to shed pounds. As summer approaches, it’s time to get into shape for that perfect bikini or Speedo body; by fall the warmth of infrared rays help them stay nice and toasty while getting them ready to handle overeating at holiday feasts. Don’t let the momentum of January goals fall to the wayside – keep it going year round for best results.

There are many ways you can help your customers achieve health and weight loss goals in the new year. Come up with promotions that are customized to your client base and keep them going all year long in order to enjoy bigger profits – even through the slow months.

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