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Making it Stick: New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is yet another opportunity to revamp your 2014 self and restart with a new, fit and healthy you. Making New Year’s resolutions may be easy, but sticking with it can sure be tricky! Weight loss, detoxification and relaxation are among common goals that we all make as we welcome 2015. We’ve narrowed down our top five tips that you can share with your clients on making and surpassing their 2015 health and fitness resolutions, and most importantly, sticking with it.

Write it down. You’ve got a list of New Year’s resolutions longer than your holiday shopping list (oh my!), so it’s important you write them all down. Creating a checklist just like you did when shopping for friends and family during the holidays can help you achieve one resolution at a time. After hitting the gym, be sure to make a FIT Bodywrap® appointment to help relieve those sore muscles.

Set a start date. Today can turn into tomorrow, and tomorrow into next week. So why not now? Pick a day to get started on working toward your new you. Build a routine that fits into your everyday regimen. Putting in a workout early every morning can help free up your schedule during the day. Whoever said there’s not enough time in a day?!

Track your progress. Keep watch of your development. Download a fitness tracker that will help you log your workouts and daily calorie intake. For days that you’ve eaten one too many junk foods, make a FIT Bodywrap® appointment to help your body detox and get rid of fats and toxins. Don’t forget to snap before and after photos to help you stay motivated!

Reward yourself. You’ve dedicated so much time and hard work, and now it’s time to give yourself a treat (don’t overindulge!). Pick one day out of the week to reward yourself with a cookie or cupcake, and pat yourself on the back for doing such a great job! Remember, your routine will soon start over, so don’t get used to consuming those sugary goodies!

Set a timeline. Whether it’s losing ten pounds in six weeks or losing a pound in one week, set a timeline for yourself as to when you plan to meet each goal. This will help you gain a sense of accomplishment as you cross off one resolution at a time. Don’t forget to set aside “me-time” by booking a FIT Bodywrap® session to help you relax during your journey.

There you have it! Cheers to making 2015 a year of achievements and success. Share a tip per week to encourage clients to stay on top of their new self in 2015. We wish you all a Happy New Year!

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