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Losing Weight with Thermogenesis

We all know that when it comes to losing weight, the equation is simple: eat fewer calories and exercise to burn the calories you do ingest. Simple as it sounds, it’s not necessarily so easy to put into practice. Many of us striving to lose weight – particular those of a certain age or those suffering from metabolic problems – can’t quite seem to make this equation work to realize their goals. This is readily apparent when you look at the CDC statistics which state there are more than a third of Americans who are overweight or obese. Sometimes, it’s more difficult to shed those extra pounds than merely ingesting fewer calories and exercising more. That’s where thermogenics may be able to help.

About Thermogenics

According to Wikipedia, the term thermogenic means “tending to produce heat”. It is often used to describe supplements that stimulate the basal metabolic rate to increase the body’s heat and thus burn more energy.

The key is in managing metabolism. In scientific terms, thermogenesis happens when the mitochondrial electron transport chain is interrupted. By stopping mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation, thermogenic supplements prevent the body from producing adenosine triphosphate and release energy as heat (lipolysis). In laymen’s terms, thermogenesis simply speeds up the rate at which our bodies release and break down fats. This, in turn, burns more calories.

Thermogenesis also occurs naturally. For instance, extreme exercise or extremely cold conditions both trigger the body’s process of heat production. Conversely, as we age or stick to a diet of very limited calories, the body naturally wishes to conserve energy, slowing down the metabolism. That’s what makes it particularly difficult to shed those extra pounds.

As with any type of supplement, however, there are warnings associated with thermogenics. Their role in weight loss is to aid the body in the conversion of fat to acetyl coenzyme. Some thermogenic supplements are easy to overdose on, and this could lead to hyperthermia or even death. Many produce negative side effects in the central nervous system because they are allowed to pass through the fatty membranes in the blood that lead directly to the brain. However, when used wisely, thermogenic supplements can help a dieter jump start his or her metabolism and allow a lower-calorie diet combined with exercise to work more efficiently. According to Dr. Oz, green coffee bean and green tea supplements seem to be safe and relatively effective.

A Natural Alternative to Thermogenic Supplements

There is another way to use a naturally occurring form of thermogenesis for weight loss: FIT Bodywraps©. Just as a thermogenic supplement can ramp up the metabolic rate to burn more energy, FIT Bodywraps© produce the same effect using FIR of the same wavelength found naturally in the human body. The FIT system uses far infrared ray (FIR) technology to heat up the body to completely safe levels. The human body’s natural response is to sweat. That intense sweating requires the output of energy for production – and the burning of calories. That’s why some people burn 1,200 calories or more in a single session.

If you’d like to use thermogenesis to help you jump start your weight loss goals, try starting with a weekly, one-hour FIT Bodywrap© added to a sensible diet and exercise routine. While it’s not a miracle cure, body wraps are very effective and very safe, without the possible side effects that come from stimulant supplements.

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