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Key Considerations You Need To Know About Before Using Infrared Body Wraps

Health and wellness have now become the forefront and center of many people’s routines since the pandemic. While fitness has always been popular, self-care has gotten an upgrade. Or at least a lot more people are using widely available services that you can now find in gyms and spas. And even in your own home. 

Many love the saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs that a spa or gym may offer/ But now a different type of sauna has made its way into the mix. Infrared saunas and infrared body wraps. It’s all the race for the benefits that infrared light can offer. But is a wrap just the same as a sauna? Let’s see. 

What is an Infrared Sauna Wrap?

When someone sees an infrared sauna wrap it looks like something they would slip into at sleepaway camp. Well, it is much different than a sleeping back. An infrared sauna wrap is actually a therapy tool for many different reasons. One of the main reasons why people love it is because the silicone pads that emit heat and infrared help loosen the muscles as they begin to heat up. This promotes recovery. 

Other people love using the infrared sauna wrap because it promotes sweating. With that, you can redeem health benefits such as losing weight and getting rid of the unwanted toxins hanging around. 

How Does it Differ From a Sauna?

The health differences remain similar but a body wrap can be up to 25% more effective because of the enclosed space. This can cause more sweating and more direct use of the infrared. Despite this, whether you use a sauna or a wrap both are effective and have incredible benefits for your body. 

It is similar in the way that both types of infrared approaches are normally combined with other recovery therapies. This includes things like compression socks, plunge baths, and massage. According to Cleveland Clinic, “The key intention is to promote better blood circulation in the legs” when using all-day wear of compression socks.

Key Considerations

While it may be tempting to just right in there are some factors you want to consider. Everyone’s health and fitness levels are different. Some may tolerate some conditions better than others. And it’s good to prepare regardless! 

Hydration is Key

Regardless of how old you are, your physical condition, or any other factor named here, everyone needs to be well hydrated. When you are in an intense situation like a heated infrared wrap around your body, it can be incredibly dehydrating. When you start out that way, it can cause complications like feeling lighted and woozy. This is one of the key areas of preparation. 

Consider Any Medical Issues 

There are many avenues to consider in this area. Anything that has to do with your health and medical issues should be reported to the therapist. Here are some of the more common areas for evaluating before using an infrared body wrap. 

  • Pregnant and lactating women should proceed with caution. Pregnant women should really scale back with their sessions lasting no longer than 10 minutes a few times a week. This is with the approval of your doctor. Less is more in this case. Use can increase birth defects if you are not careful. Breastfeeding should follow the same suggestions. 
  • Implants or any sort of stent/insert should also be discussed with both your doctor and the place where you plan to use an infrared body wrap. If you own it, consult with the company that made it. While there are stories of it being just fine, it is important to double-check check there are no issues with use. 
  • Prescriptions can cause issues. Not all drugs react with an infrared sauna. Some may. This is why talking to your doctor about a possible reaction is important to avoid any health injuries or reactions. 

Know Your Limits

Just like you wouldn’t run a marathon the first time you lace up your shoes, you also wouldn’t push yourself past your limits in an infrared body wrap. Your health plays a big role in this and overdoing can pose complications and risks. Infrared saunas are not suitable for all ages and health conditions. Meeting and having a consultation can ensure you are safely ready to try it. 

Injury History 

While this sinks into your medical health it is worth talking about injuries as its own category. Recent injuries involving the joint should avoid infrared therapy because of the swelling that can still be there. Going off injuries is usually a part of the medical consultation. 


Women who are currently experiencing their menstrual flow should be aware that an infrared sauna can increase bleeding in the short term. This occurs when the back is heated to these temperatures. It doesn’t happen to everyone but letting a woman know this is important for their decisions. 

Getting a Consult

It may sound like getting into an infrared sauna wrap is a big deal based on these considerations. Most of the health warning signs follow closely with other recovery tools and processes. Being careful is always a must. When you aren’t sure about the decision yourself because of injuries or your personal fitness level, speak to a therapist and doctor. 

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They are the ones that can best judge the situation to help find the appropriate level of use. Once you do have a consult you can do more in-home therapy as you get used to making your own judgment systems. Then you can easily access all the wonderful benefits the body wrap offers. 

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