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Keeping Your Spa Services Fresh

Does it seem like your clients are always on the hunt for something new? There’s a term for it, it’s called novelty seeking, and it refers to those who are constantly on the lookout to experience something unique, exciting and fresh. This type of client will be the first to try the latest trends and treatments, but why are these originality lovers important to you?

They’re important because they are booking appointments and regularly looking at your service menu. Changing things up just might create the buzz you’ve been looking for. Our brains are wired to be fascinated by and attracted to new things, it’s science and contributes to how we learn. How can you can make this work for your business without too much effort?

The tips below, as well regularly rearranging your menu, product shelves and packages can assist you with putting this idea into play. So, let’s dive deeper.

The Importance of Maximizing Space

Treatment rooms can be tricky. If you’ve dedicated space in your spa for specific services that are underutilized, brainstorm ways to make them multi-purpose! Take notes on your popular services, the ones that are often fully booked, then consider bringing in a service or offering that can move from room to room when needed.

Some spa services require an attendant or therapist always, while others provide the guest with some down time, allowing the staff member to leave the room. If you find that you’re turning down customers due to lack of staff it may be advantageous to bring in a service that can be offered in the DIY fashion as well as in multiple rooms.

Profitable VS. Not-So-Profitable Decisions

When you are freshening up the feel, look or offerings of your business put yourself in the shoes of a customer. After all, their purchases bring in your profits. Sometimes, the most profitable services are those that require minimal back bar product and minimal labor. Introducing a new service that requires a laundry list of products and extensive labor may not provide you with the most profit. Why? The costs of the products and labor needed cut into what you make on the service. Introducing a low-cost, low-results treatment may backfire simply because clients don’t see the value. In the same way, a service that you charge an arm and leg for may not increase your revenue because of the price-point.

The choices made for your business should continually be in alignment with the services you offer and your vision. For example, if your mission statement says that you offer the most effective holistic options for clients, you should hand pick products and services that speak to that type of client. Do your homework. Conduct in depth research on the serviced and product lines you have or the ones you want. It can help to look at customer reviews, ingredients, potency and popularity. If a product line has strong branding in the market, it might not only be easier to sell but can also attract new clients.

Creating Value = Separating Yourself from Competition

Let’s talk pricing for a moment, allocating a “cost per treatment” to the spa is vital in determining your bottom line. Scan your menu and examine it, lay out the steps for treatment, the items needed and their cost. As we mentioned above, the services that cost you the least and bring in the most revenue will be your most profitable.

A service refresh does not require that you discount everything, in fact, giving your clients value may mean more to them than a percentage off. So, what do we mean by giving them value? Include add-ons like aromatherapy, choice of music, a courtesy eye pillow that they can take home and more. Another secret for creating greater value? Spend time with clients, this alone is worth something. Take the time to help them pick out a signature scent or product, they are spending their hard-earned money with you. Adding a service or product to spa services or packages will leave your client feeling a deeper connection with your team and like their money was well spent.

At the end of the day, customer service and what you offer have a HUGE impact on your success. Maximize your space to offer a variety of treatments, make decisions that are wise for your business and clients, and show your clients the value in what you offer.

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