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Join the FIT Bodywrap Team for the FIT February Challenge

In a staff meeting recently, I brought up the results I’d had in February of 2018 when I completed twelve FIT Bodywrap sessions in four weeks, and it got us thinking: what if we ALL did this? So the FIT February Challenge was born, and we decided it would be even better if we could encourage some of our Certified Providers and FIT Bodywrap customers to join the challenge with us!

All month long you can follow us on Instagram and view the hashtag #fitfebruarychallenge to see our progress, sweaty selfies, and get some behind the scenes takes on The Last Half Hour (the hardest part of a FIT session, when your heart is pounding, and you’re sweating the most). 

A lot of FIT providers are offering monthly specials for the challenge!

If you’re joining us, you can start anytime, just ask your FIT provider for the tracker we created and you can complete the FIT Four Week Challenge when it works for your schedule.  

I asked each of my co-workers to share their FIT February goals, here’s what we all had to say:

JG headshot

Jennifer’s Goals

  • Me time
  • Reduce stress
  • Kick-start a new fitness routine

For the past 3 years, my focus has solely been about being a good mom and wife, while still growing in my professional career. Unfortunately, while all three of these are extremely important to me, I neglected myself and kinda lost “my groove” when it came to taking care of me. As a result, my physical and mental health have been pushed to the limits of what I consider not healthy for me. 

Someone I respect very much told me, “how can you be your best if you are not taking time for you.” This really resonated with me and I vowed to be the unthinkable for any mom (as far as society is concerned): SELFISH! I started to make time to have some me-time, whether that is a night out with my man or friends, or even a leisurely stroll through Target.

This challenge is something that I need to give me the push to get me back on track. I recently signed up for Pilates, which has been a great outlet, I’ve also started working out again. Paired with FIT Bodywrap sessions, I am hoping to achieve greater movement and recovery for workouts, while giving my “mom bod” a much needed makeover. I also want to achieve a reduction in stress which comes from not taking time to just stop and give myself time to relax!

Cody’s Goals

  • Reduce stress
  • Relieve back and leg pain
  • Improve heart health
  • Make working out easier
  • Lose belly fat

Back in 2007, I was hit by a drunk driver which resulted in serious injuries that left me hospitalized. Because of the amount of trauma I experienced to my back and most of my body, my recovery took over a year. To this day I experience pain on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I have allowed this to impact my lifestyle. What was once active is now a primarily sedentary life. At a recent doctor’s visit, it was recommended that I ease into some sort of light physical activity, like yoga or swimming, as my body and health have begun to show signs of decline as a result of my lifestyle choices, which includes poor diet.

I recently have begun to make diet changes. I have added more whole foods, reduced my caffeine and sugar intake, as well as lowered the amount of processed foods in my diet. I have also made the decision to quit vaping. I have signed up for a yoga program, which is beginning this month.

Prior to participating in the FIT Wrap Challenge, I cleared everything with my doctors, as I want to make sure that my health issues would not be negatively impacted by doing infrared sessions. With my doctors approval, I am pumped to see the results at the end of the month, which I feel is the beginning of my new lifestyle. With this challenge I am looking to reduce stress, relieve aches and pains primarily in my back and legs, loosen muscles and increase overall cardiovascular health. Combined with all of my lifestyle changes I am hoping to see a reduction in fat around my stomach.

jessica headshot

Jessica’s Goals

  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Lose weight
  • Muscle recovery
  • Pain management
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve circulation

I had a lot of major life changes last year. I earned my BFA and transitioned from life as a full-time student to having a full-time job; I exited a long-term relationship, went through a big move, etc. All of those things sort of put me in a tailspin as I spent most of 2018 establishing my independence. 

The things that I am most passionate about, that make me happy, are physically demanding and take up the majority of my free time. As a ceramic artist I devote a lot of time to my art, in addition to volunteering ten hours a week at a local studio AND working full time here at FIT. 

Another key component of my life is rock climbing; I am an avid climber. I go to the climbing gym most weeknights, and take outdoor trips on the weekends. My life is in no way sedentary, but the physical demands of the things I love to do are taking a huge toll on my body. I’m often sore from climbing and the additional workouts I’ve been adding to my routine. 

My hope is that FIT bodywrap sessions in between workouts will help me recover faster, and kick start my metabolism to push me past a plateau that I’ve been stuck in for the last few months. I’d also love to get better sleep, as I usually don’t sleep through the night. 

I’m using FIT February as kind of a reset button. I’m reestablishing healthy eating habits and working on my time management skills by adding yet another priority to my busy life.

annie headshot

Annie’s Goals

  • Inch loss
  • Kick-start a new fitness routine
  • Ease muscle aches between workouts
  •  Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve skin conditions
  • Improve quality of sleep

2018 was a stressful year for me. I had a move, a breakup, a new roommate, and a growing business to run in my time away from work here at FIT. I focused all of my energy on my professional life, setting up my home, and taking care of my mental health. Unfortunately, one thing I didn’t prioritize was my physical health.

While my habits of self-indulging as self-care have lead to me being at my heaviest weight ever, the work I put in last year to improve my mindset has me loving my body more than I ever have. With that frame of mind, I feel confident that 2019 is my year for learning to take much better care of my body. 

While my primary goal is inch loss, I feel that my goal of a lifestyle change will help me maintain the right mindset that working out, making healthier food choices, and regular FIT Bodywrap sessions are not a punishment of any kind, but a healthier form of self care. I haven’t worked out consistently in months, and I’ll be starting to work out again along with regular FIT sessions. I’m looking forward feeling strong, yes, but also to fitting into all of my fabulous clothes again!

In addition to changes in my body, I’m hoping to improve some skin conditions, lower my stress and anxiety levels, and get better sleep. I lost 3.5″ in February of 2018 just from 12 FIT Bodywrap sessions. I’m excited to see what changes will come from the same, along with healthier habits all around!

Make sure you subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss our updates at the end of February. Not only will we each be sharing our stories and results from the month, but we’ll also be sharing our before and after photos!

Are you joining the challenge?

Email us your before and afters, tales of success, and how FIT Bodywrap has changed your life, and we’ll feature you here on the blog and on social!

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