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Is Staff Training Important?

Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle once said, “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.” Does the training you provide your team set them up for success? IT industry leader, CompTIA found that 46% of employees say their company’s training methods make them less likely to leave. Why is this? Simple, businesses that offer training and development for all employees gain a competitive advantage by increasing employee engagement. It’s a fact, happy and knowledgeable team members make more sales and a successful training program can create a capable workforce that’s more engaged in your company because you have invested in them. Therefore, making time to focus on the importance of training can help you build your dream team!

Let’s talk about your clients for a moment. Upon their arrival to your facility what can a client expect? Will they be greeted, consulted with and given information about all of the fabulous services and products you offer? Will they receive a tour and be told about monthly promotions? If this is not happening, it should be. Clients look to you and your team as the experts on the services you offer, and strong teams require in depth, ongoing training. If your team cannot clearly explain or administer the services on your menu, your clients may not be booking them.

Your team is one of your most valuable assets, their knowledge of your offerings and ability to sell is what can increase or decrease your revenue. Here are 3 ways to shift your focus to getting your staff dialed in.

1. Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

Compose a detailed list of everything your staff needs to know, choose different days for each topic and create an agenda. For example, teach your team about all retail products one day and services the next. Have a lengthy menu? Focus on one “family” of services each day. Don’t forget to have some fun, do you have a specific team member who’s an expert on one of the product lines? Have them explain why they love it to the trainee. Not only does this give them a new perspective, but it’s great for team building. Additionally, a successful training often allows the trainee to partake in the services and products you offer. This enables them to become advocates and encourage your clients to become advocates as well. To ensure that your new-hire is retaining everything it can be helpful to incorporate quizzes, this also allows managers to understand where more instruction is needed.

2. Ongoing Training

Training should not stop after the first month, ongoing training is just as important. In fact, every time you run a promotion it’s a great idea to do a brief refresher training with the team. Want to get them really motivated? Stock up on a variety of $10-$20 gift cards, then, quiz your team when they least expect it! If they answer correctly, give them the reward. Talk about keeping them on their toes!

Once the initial training has been conducted, effective coaching is an important task, collaborative coaches can motivate sales associates. Remember, your staff drives your business and a highly functional team will get you where you want to be. By making sure that your staff is trained in retail sales, menu offerings and up selling techniques you are ensuring that each team member has the confidence to succeed.

3. Take Advantage of Resources

Don’t have time to administer an entirely new training program? That’s why you have industry partners! Vendors really enjoy connecting with you and your team, and providing resources for training on their products. So, find out if your partners offer any training materials and make this part of your plan. Enrolling your employees in their courses will not only free up some of your time, but it will allow your team to engage with your vendors which can improve sales and allow team members to become more engaged with your offerings.

Studies show that management teams who invest in their employees end up highly motivated team and happier customers! Employees will become motivated to reach the retail and service goals you set for them if they feel that you take a genuine interest in their future. So devise a plan and train your team, the success of your business depends on it.

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