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Is Estrogen Preventing You From Losing Weight?

If you have been trying to lose weight but find your efforts to eat right and exercise often aren’t making a difference, the culprit could be estrogen. This is often the case for both men and women, regardless of whether they are pre- or post-menopausal.

How Estrogen Affects Weight

In younger women and men, this is referred to as estrogen dominance. It causes water retention and bloating in addition to allowing fat levels to rise, particularly in the hips and thighs. This is often referred to as a pear shape. Too much estrogen can also cause worsened PMS symptoms.

For men, gaining weight actually increases their body’s production of estrogen (instead of the other way around). The more weight that is gained, the worse the problem becomes. This is usually due to diet, in particular, eating foods that contain estrogen-like compounds. Excess fat cells convert testosterone to estrogen which often results in symptoms of low testosterone, similar to estrogen dominance.

In menopausal women, the decline of the production of “male” hormones progesterone and testosterone allows estrogen levels to increase. The result? An apple shape that comes from fat accumulating around the middle.

In any case, excess estrogen can cause a host of health problems, including obesity, gallstones, varicose veins, ovarian cysts, certain types of cancers and more. Stress can make the problem worse.

Decreasing Estrogen for Weight Loss and Health

Luckily there are some things you can do if you think estrogen dominance is preventing you from losing weight. Try these tips:

  • Avoid alcohol. Anything that impairs liver function and liver health can cause estrogen to build up in the system. Occasional use is fine, but try taking a B vitamin afterward to counteract any ill effects on your health.
  • Bacterial imbalances can also increase estrogen levels. Try taking a daily probiotic, such as that found in some brands of yogurt or yogurt drinks. A non-psyllium fiber supplement might help, as well, to aid the body in ridding the digestive tract of estrogen.
  • Good foods to eat are organic dairy and meat products, since they have no added hormones. Add flaxseed, wheat germ, barley, pomegranates, pears, apples and berries to your diet to reduce absorption of estrogen. Conversely, tofu, soy milk and other unfermented soy products should be avoided.
  • The far infrared ray heat in a FIT Bodywrap® could also be quite beneficial. Not only does it reduce stress (which tends to increase estrogen production), its detoxification properties help rid your body of built-up estrogen and other harmful substances.
  • Get plenty of sleep. With adequate sleep, your body produces melatonin, which prevents a build-up of estrogen.

High estrogen levels are often the culprit when unable to lose weight the traditional way. Use these dietary and lifestyle tips to maintain good health and make a weekly FIT Bodywrap® session part of your routine to experience the most weight loss, detoxification and stress reduction benefits.

Personal trainers – if you have clients who are experiencing problems with weight loss, why not refer them to the nearest tanning salon or wellness center that offers FIT Bodywraps®? Find the nearest body wrap location here.

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