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Introducing Signature Spa Treatments

About a month ago our team visited a spa here in San Diego and we noticed that the focus on the sensory experience really made our spa day. From the moment we walked into the spa, we noticed that it looked lovely, the music was calming, it smelled like a dream and we were presented with fruit infused water to sip on as we leisurely waited in the relaxation lounge. When our massage therapists picked us up to start our relaxation journey we were told about the month’s signature treatment, and that got us thinking. Offering a signature or specialty service makes your spa memorable.

Your spa should create a cohesive experience for each guest. Introducing new spa treatments and seamlessly integrating them into your menu successfully requires that they fit into the overall experience you want clients to have with you.  What kind of feeling can a client expect when they step foot in your facility?

Your business is unique and so are your offerings. Clients today are looking for a service that they can’t get just anywhere, they want to feel pampered, like they are achieving their health and wellness goals, and they want to make sure they are getting what they paid for. Your job is to satisfy these needs and make sure that they come back again, and again. To do this, you need to make each interaction a guest has with your team is memorable.  Think of yourself as a memory maker and offer spa treatments that will inspire happy thoughts and a return visit (or 5).

Create a Signature Spa Treatment

Tired of seeing the same types of spa treatments at every facility you visit? Break the mold, change it up! Offer something that no one in your area is doing. For example, connect with your product suppliers and vendors to create something completely unique to your spa. This could mean that you use a specific product, incorporate a signature scent or perhaps you let your clients select the style of music they will listen to during their session. What should your signature service be? Consider factors such as, what is popular in the industry, your revenue goals and the types of spa treatments your clients are most excited about. Then, begin creating a sensory journey utilizing your resources.

To make your signature services as profitable as possible its recommended that you pair up treatments with retail products. Depending on the product, you could use it on the client during their treatment and then give them the rest of the bottle to take home. Not only does this make for a great sale, but it also keeps you top-of-mind with your guest even after they leave the spa.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to keep your signature treatment the same forever and ever! Some of the most profitable spas announce a new offering with the seasons or whenever they notice that the excitement about current services has dwindled. For this reason, you can decide if your signature treatment will earn a permanent spot on your service menu.

We’re sure that the ideas are flowing as your reading this blog, so, write them down and then get together with your staff and test out your ideas. This can be a collaborative team experience and allow your staff to provide excellent treatment descriptions to your future guests. Just think, the signature services you create could become one of your clients’ fondest memories.

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