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Introducing New Equipment Into Your Facility

Both innovators and consumers are attracted to things that are new because it’s human nature and we are curious beings. The same goes for your clients, bring in something new and you’ll have them asking “what is that?!” right away. And that’s the reaction you want because now, you have a perfectly positioned chance to tell your guest all about your new service and how it will benefit them. Introducing new equipment into your facility is also a great time to start a new marketing campaign, update staff training and host events for your current and prospective clients.

We’ve put together 6 simple steps for making sure that your new equipment creates the buzz it should!

Step 1: Get your team excited

Setup a quick team meeting to let your staff know about the new equipment you will be offering. Provide your team with general information on the service, let them know that a training will be coming up soon and encourage all employees to do their own research as well. This is a great time to announce an incentive program or a team competition focused around your new service.  Cash or product incentives seem to work pretty well 😉

Step 2: Train your staff before launch

Many equipment manufacturers provide an in depth user manual or virtual training. Your team should be presented with information about the new service, how it works, how much it will cost and how to sell it. This is a great time to utilize your new vendor-partner, find out what is available to you and use it to your advantage. Can’t get the whole team together to train at once?Find out if your partner has any recorded training material available that you can require your team to watch while they are on shift.

Step 3: Pump up your clients

Let them know in advance that a wonderful new service will soon be available to them. After all, they are the ones who will be purchasing treatments and reaping the benefits from your new equipment! Coach your staff and front desk team on what to say and how to gage interest, then, run a fun competition for the team member who can pre-sell the most sessions!

Step 4: Create eye-catching collateral

That you can give to your clients and pass out at local events. Some manufacturers will have posters, brochures or flyers that you can order. Your partner may also give you access to their logo and high resolution images that you can use to create your own works of marketing art! 

Step 5: Host a party

People love to socialize and hosting events can make your business the place to be! Some businesses choose to host an event each month, others host events once a quarter or anytime they bring in a new service. Some successful examples are ladies’ night out, couples retreat, bestie bash, family night and so on. To really make a day or a night out of it, pair up with a local restaurant or caterer for food (this helps their business, too!) and serve appetizers. You can also turn up some tunes or get a DJ for a few hours and offer free or discounted services, a raffle and goodie bags, etc. Don’t forget to fill your appointment book for the next few weeks while you’re at it! Offer a small discount or gift with purchase for anyone who pre-books their appointment for your brand new service. Clients that make a commitment like scheduling a reservation are more likely to show up.

Step 6: Offer promotions

You can choose to start off with a bang and offer a limited, yet aggressive promotion for the first 25-100 clients who are ready to buy. This creates a sense of urgency and again, excitement about something new. If you don’t want to offer a discount right off the bat that’s ok. Perhaps you can offer a free gift with purchase or create an irresistible spa package that showcases your new equipment and all that it has to offer. Send out your special offer in an e-blast, on social media and even put it on your website, spread the word and ask the clients who have tried your new treatment to do the same.

Offering something new in your business should be an exciting time! It’s always a good idea for team members to try your new service as well, so that they can give clients a first-hand account of what to expect. Make sure that you track your efforts and don’t forget to look to your industry partners for ideas or help!

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