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Infrared Wellness: Results from Infrared Body Wrap

There are tons of wellness products out in the world and while many of them promise you the moon, sun and stars the best products are those that, well… work. When we spend money in a spa, salon or wellness center, we are doing it because we believe in the service and want to notice the effects. Results from infrared body wrap sessions can be life-changing. Whether it’s relaxation, pain relief, weight loss, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation or detoxification infrared can help, but do we have proof? Why yes, yes, we do. People all over the world are immersing their bodies in infrared heat to achieve amazing wellness results. Some of them visit a wellness center to wrap while others offer a service such as the FIT Bodywrap system in their business. Either way, the benefits of this safe and effective heat are second to none. When we find out about someone’s amazing body wrap results we simply must share, so we’ve compiled some of our most recent infrared body wrap results stories for your viewing pleasure!

Results from Real Infrared Body Wrap Customers

My hand hasn’t been pain free for almost a year and a half, I can honestly say the 3 FIT Bodywrap sessions have given me more relief than I can imagine. I might not need surgery now as my doctor said was coming. KJ, Buffalo, MN

I absolutely love doing the infrared wraps! I look forward to relaxing by myself for an hour, it’s a time that I can think, play on my phone, listen to music and sometimes even sleep! I also really enjoy feeling incredibly relaxed when I am done with my session, almost like a massage. Of course, the added bonus is the sweat, it’s great because you’re burning calories while doing nothing! –Denise B. Birmingham, MI

I have shared client testimonials in the past, but I actually tried it out this past October and lost about 15 pounds in a month! We were getting ready to go on our first cruise and were leaving on the October 26th, so on the first I started getting in 3 times a week, and I also began drinking lots and lots of water. By the time we left for the cruise I was down a size in my clothes and had much more energy than I had before the FIT.  -Sheila T., Easley, SC

I can work out better than ever. I used to have major shoulder draw backs on certain machines and couldn’t do them, but now, since doing FIT Bodywrap, my gym routine INCLUDES ALL of the shoulder machines again!!!  KT- Annandale, MN

I’ve been doing FIT Bodywrap sessions, working out and making healthy meal choices since January 2016. I got my gym membership the March before and kind of fell off my routine when school started so towards the end of December 2015 I weighed 163 lbs. Thanks to FIT Bodywrap sessions and my focus on a healthy lifestyle for the past 6 months I am now at 149 lbs.! I feel that FIT Bodywrap sessions have really helped me feel more refreshed, lose weight, feel like I have more energy and encourage more positivity in my life. Additionally, having a plan in place has kept me on track and for that I am thankful! –Hanna A. San Diego, CA

FIT Bodywrap Certified Provider Results

I “discovered” infrared body wraps a couple winters ago while shopping for a sauna for my home. The cold weather is pretty tough, am I really old enough to be complaining about my arthritis? Pain relief was most certainly the driving force to keep me going back. But I must tell you what else happened… my skin looked amazing! I slept better. I felt relaxed yet energized, if that even makes sense. It’s been a real game changer. – Infrared Body Wraps Birmingham, MI

We really enjoy helping our clients feel better. For example, one of our clients has Lupus.  She says that nothing else makes her feel as good as the FIT Bodywrap and that sessions truly make a difference, even in the next couple of days.  We are so happy to be able to help her! Sun on The Run Vista, CA

We’ve had customers who have lost dress sizes because they did FIT Bodywrap sessions paired with a healthy lifestyle. We’ve had customers detox themselves to the point where their immune systems return to a regular state. Lastly, we’ve had customers with extreme muscle or back pains, and they get “addicted” to coming in for sessions because it helps them so much.  SunsUp Tan • Wellness • Spa, OR

These are just a few of the results from infrared body wrap sessions! We love to hear your feedback so if you have an infrared story to share please get in touch! Stay tuned to our blog and subscribe to receive updates.

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