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Can Infrared Sauna Sessions Aid Colon Health?

Infrared sauna sessions featuring the body enveloping FIT Bodywrap system may aid in maintaining optimum colon health. A healthy responsive immune system is directly tied to colon function. Factors that contribute to a healthy immune system include:

  • A nutritional diet with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and hydration 
  • Regular exercise
  • Minimizing stress
  • Proper sleeping patterns

It is not always possible to check off all the boxes needed for the smooth operation of the complexities of the body. This is especially true in the demanding stress-filled world of today. There are no shortcuts to optimum health and colon function, however, there are aids that can help. It may help boost the immune system which in turn aids colon health.

How Infrared Sauna Sessions Aids Colon Health

Infrared sauna “Many studies have looked at using infrared saunas in the treatment of long-lasting health problems and found some proof that saunas may help. Conditions studied include high blood pressure, heart failure, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, headache, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis” – Brent A. Bauer, M.D. Ongoing research continues to analyze the health responses of infrared sauna sessions. Currently, there are four ways in which it is thought that the it benefits colon health which results in a healthy active immune system. These include:

Stress Relief

Medical researchers and practitioners continue to key in on the deleterious effects of inflammation caused by stress. During stressful events and days, the body reacts by releasing the hormone cortisol. Known as the stress hormone, cortisol serves a purpose when truly needed in stressful situations. It increases glucose in the blood for energy, and tissue repair. An absolutely necessary response or alarm mechanism for flight or fight situations as well as for trauma repair, uncontrolled cortisol release is detrimental to health. It weakens the immune system and hinders the body’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. Relaxation in regularly scheduled sauna sessions can aid in controlling excess cortisol release.

Increased White Blood Cell Production

Active, vibrant white blood cells are an essential defense against infections. They are critical to a properly functioning immune system. The infrared sauna generates heat at the cellular level which increases the production and viability of white blood cells. A fever occurs not as a symptom of a disease but as an indication that white blood cells are fighting and increasing. The heat generated from an infrared sauna can provide the same benefit in building and tuning white blood cell production. It is true that an infrared sauna session and a fever are quite different but the benefits of each may be the same. The increased heat that an infrared sauna provides can help to prepare the immune system to react to infections and viruses. 

Expels Impurities

A major benefit of the infrared sauna on the colon and the body as a whole is that it expels impurities. When the body perspires it releases harmful toxins, chemicals, and impurities. Air, food, and beverages all contribute to the impurities that are processed by the body. The ability to expel these impurities is essential to overall health. A regularly scheduled infrared sauna session which increases prescription aids the expulsion of impurities.

The FIT Bodywrap System

Unlike traditional box or room saunas, The FIT Bodywrap infrared sauna envelopes the body for effective treatment and maximum results for a healthy colon and body. 

FAQ about Infrared and Colon Health

1.Are infrared saunas safe for individuals with existing colon issues?

Those with colon conditions should consult a healthcare provider before using an infrared sauna to ensure it’s safe and suitable for their specific health needs.

2.Can infrared sauna use improve gut flora?

While saunas don’t directly affect gut flora, the overall boost in well-being and stress reduction might indirectly support a healthy gut environment.

3.What precautions should I take using an infrared sauna if I have colon sensitivity?

Start with shorter, cooler sessions and gradually increase as tolerated. Always consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns or pre-existing conditions.

4.How does hydration relate to infrared sauna use and colon health?

Proper hydration is crucial for both sauna safety and colon function. Drink plenty of water before and after sessions to support detoxification and prevent dehydration.

5.Can the heat from an infrared sauna harm my colon?

Infrared saunas are generally considered safe, but excessive heat for prolonged periods can lead to discomfort or health issues. Use the sauna wisely and listen to your body’s response.

6.Can infrared sauna use help with constipation?

The relaxation and heat may help some individuals find relief from constipation by relaxing abdominal muscles and improving gut motility.

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