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Infrared Sauna Energy Savings

The Infrared Sauna Saves Energy

As governments and industries look towards cutting energy consumption every individual and business needs to play a part. While the details of switching energy sources is being discussed and implemented, there are choices that are not painful that can be made now. For the spa industry the switch to infrared sauna technology can save energy and money. The spa offers clients a relaxing, invigorating and healthy respite from the rigors of everyday life. As energy grids become overtaxed, public utilities and government entities may demand more efficiency of energy use. Spas that currently offer the FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna are on the cutting edge of energy efficiency in the services that they offer.

The Infrared Sauna Is a Less Expensive Alternative

The traditional sauna uses a single heater to heat the air while the infrared sauna generates an electromagnetic field that uses multiple heating sources. Unlike the traditional sauna, the infrared sauna concentrates its heat on penetrating the body and raising the users core temperature. The FIT Bodywrap takes this efficiency a step further by enveloping the body in the heat. There is no wasted heat with the latest sauna technology by FIT Bodywrap. It is more effective for the client while being a huge energy and cost savings for the spas offering the services.

Traditional Sauna Versus Infrared Sauna

In this era of changing lifestyle habits to ease the burden on climate change, the first difference between the traditional and Infrared sauna is energy savings. The traditional sauna heats the air first before penetrating the body. The infrared sauna directly penetrates the body. The FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna takes this a step further. This innovative body enveloping sauna with 4 zone client-controlled settings efficiently turns energy into sauna benefits. The FIT Bodywrap Infrared System turns energy into a wavelength of light that focuses directly on the body. It does not waste energy heating up the room or warming up before applying its infrared sauna benefits to the body. The energy savings of an infrared sauna versus a traditional room heating system is obvious and instantly recognizable. The infrared sauna, especially the 360-degree body wrap developed by FIT Bodywrap applies its energy directly to its function of raising the core body temperature, not heating up a room. This is an important energy savings in this era of raised climate change consciousness.

Precision Energy for Healthy Benefits

Along with its precision use of energy that applies its benefits directly to the client and not the room, the FIT Bodywrap Infrared System is equipped four zone temperature controls. The ability to precisely regulate the temperature onspecific body parts also saves energy. Rather than removing the leg wraps and setting them aside while they continue to use energy, The FIT Bodywrap client can dial down the temperature on the leg wrapsor arm wrapsas needed. The directly targeted heat delivered by an infrared body wrap sauna raises the core body temperature. A traditional sauna creates surface sweat but takes longer to actively raise the core body temperature which produces healthy benefits. As the world prepares to drastically change its energy availability businesses of all kinds need to consider how they use energy and how they can save it. Spas can save energy and money now while preparing for the future by transitioning to the FIT Bodywrap Infrared System to replace inefficient traditional saunas.

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