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Infrared Rays for Sports Therapy

Now that football season is officially underway, there are many professional and even weekend athletes who are certain to be experiencing body aches and pains. The longer the abuse and overuse that results in muscle sprains and strains, back pain, pulled muscles and tight ligaments goes on, the worse it gets. If you are suffering from aches and pains due to participation in sports, read on for some good news regarding a very effective and effortless form of modern therapy.

Infrared Ray Therapy

Treatments using Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology provide a very safe, noninvasive way to relieve strains, sprains and pains. Infrared rays within the safe zone of 4 to 14 microns which emulate human infrared, penetrate deep beneath the surface of the skin. This is an excellent way to target muscles, ligaments and joints.

The heating of the body via infrared increases circulation while inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system’s production of cytokine TGF-beta-1. This aids the process of healing. In addition, FIR is particularly effective for healing subcutaneous wounds (such as those to muscles, joints and tissues) because the infrared rays delve beneath the skin. Vasodilation is another result of infrared therapy and this helps reduce pain.

The heat from infrared rays stimulates the body’s production of sweat, too, and sweat production requires calories. In the process, the body’s circulation and metabolism are stimulated. It also stimulates cardiovascular functioning; in fact, FIR therapy was first tested by NASA as a way to keep astronauts in top physical condition.

Sports Injuries Benefiting from Infrared Therapy

There are two main ways that top athletes use infrared therapy in their physical conditioning routines: as a way to treat injuries and as a way to recover after stressful workouts.

Many injuries occur due to overuse or misuse. This often results in lacerations, sprains and muscle fatigue. The body becomes stressed due to injury. Infrared ray FIT Bodywraps are an excellent way to provide deep heating relief from pain.

The application of infrared rays to the body is an excellent way to end a day of sports training. It stimulates blood flow to overcome muscle fatigue and relaxes the body after a strenuous workout. Infrared therapy helps the muscles and joints recover and strengthen while enhancing future endurance capabilities.

For best results, many physical therapists recommend FIR treatments three times of week as a part of a physical conditioning maintenance program.

For any athlete, no matter how often you participate in sports, physical therapy is the key to staying healthy and performing at your optimum. With the easy accessibility and safe, relaxing pain relief of infrared ray therapy in the form of FIT Bodywraps, it just makes sense to make them a regular part of your training and recovery programs. Ask your physical therapist about adding FIT Bodywraps to your injury and recovery routines.

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