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Infrared: Natural Energy

Long gone are the times in which we didn’t consider ingredients, research products and Google, well, everything. Nowadays, many prefer to eat natural foods, use natural products and look for the naturally occurring plants, herbs and energy in our environment for improving personal wellness.

Natural energy boosters include green tea, staying hydrated, proper posture, vegetable juices, good old fashioned rest, exercise and infrared heat!

While there are many new natural products on the market today there are also centuries old resources such as infrared. Infrared is a natural energy that is not seen by the naked eye, instead it is felt as heat. Visible light, like the sun, a lamp or light bulb is not an accurate representation of the entire spectrum. Invisible light, or energy is just as important and necessary for our health, infrared heat is part of this invisible spectrum. We experience small amounts of safe, natural and effective infrared heat nearly every day. However, to feel or notice the benefits that infrared can provide it’s recommended to completely immerse the body in it! Hence the reason we always say infrared body wraps have become the most effective way to benefit from infrared heat! Infrared saunas are also largely popular since they have been used for centuries, however, body wraps are the most effective option for those looking to see results.

How do we know it’s natural? About 54% of the output our sun produces in infrared heat and scientists confirm everything in our universe that is warm also gives off “light”, though we may not be able to see it. Examples include the stars, planets and even you!

Your Natural Energy Levels

In addition to its being a natural energy, infrared heat can also help you increase your natural energy levels. This happens as infrared heat balances your metabolism and assists you with releasing toxins that cause fatigue, make it hard to sleep and predispose your body to illness. “Toxic overload has been implicated in many health conditions, from fibrocystic breast disease (FBD) in women to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children,” says FIT Bodywrap Clinical Director, Dr. Aaron Flickstein. “Symptoms of toxic overload include fatigue, headaches, joint or muscle pain, frequent colds and flu, signs of allergy and hormonal imbalance, chemical sensitivity, sinus congestion, psoriasis and other skin conditions, loss of dexterity, insomnia and more. Psychological symptoms include poor concentration, memory loss, mood changes, mental confusion and changes in behavior.” This indicates that high toxicity levels can negatively impact your energy levels and health.

Besides detoxification infrared can provide many benefits to increase your energy naturally. For instance, during an infrared session each gram of sweat produced burns calories. This process of sweating it out is compared to a cardiovascular workout because your heart rate and blood flow increase although you are simply relaxing. Ever felt an “exercise high” after a good workout? An infrared session can do something similar for boosting your energy afterwards and help you lose weight.

Relaxation is another benefit infrared can assist with to boost your natural energy levels. When our cortisol (the fight or flight hormone) levels are high we often feel stressed and exhausted. As you relax in the warmth of infrared heat not only do you begin to feel a sense of calm, but your cortisol levels are becoming more regular to leave you feeling tranquil, yet energized.

So, when your energy levels drop, you don’t have to reach for an energy drink, sugary candy or multiple cups of coffee. Instead, you can stay hydrated, get your sweat on during infrared sessions and experience the natural energy of soothing heat while you boost your energy levels naturally!


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