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Infrared is the Only Antidote for Ultraviolet Burns

For tanning salon owners, it’s important to know that ultraviolet – in the right amount – is actually quite beneficial for the body. But there may be times when your clients overdo it. In that case, getting a FIT Bodywrap© will undo any harm that excessive ultraviolet radiation may cause.

The Benefits of Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet peps up your cells and they love it. They feast on ultraviolet. Ultraviolet (UV) is a nutrient for the immune system.

In his books, Light on Health and More Light on Health, time lapse photographer Dr. John Ott discovered that what UV does is affect mitochondria in a manner similar to that of a green leafy plant, which has energy chloroplasts that swim around in its cellular solution.

UV affects the human retina in a similar manner. Dr. Ott found that when UV hits that layer of the eye, the mitochondria swim around and send a signal to the pineal and pituitary glands and to the hypothalamus. It has a systemic effect on the whole body to improve hypo-immunity (which doesn’t respond to overgrowth of cells) or hyper-immunity (a negative response where our system chews on us).

Dr. Ott had arthritis and wondered if UV could be part of the cure. Purely as a fluke, he found out during a trip to Miami that he took off his sunglasses, his arthritis symptoms disappeared. After being indoors and out, wearing his sunglasses and taking them off, Dr. Ott soon realized he had a UV deficiency problem.

In fact, the human body needs some exposure to UV. Today, medical authorities are trying to force us to block ultraviolet rays (particularly in the tanning salon and through the use of ultra sun blocks) because they believe it’s better for our health. But the truth is, a whole large group of conditions are amenable to UV, including arthritis, colds, flu and even cancer.

In a tanning bed, Vitamin D (a hormone) is positively affected. The UV in a tanning bed allows our bodies to formulate Vitamin D even during the cloudier months of fall and winter, when the sun’s rays are blocked. Although the eyes are closed or covered during a tanning session, some of it is going to leak into the eyes and enter the retina.

Simply put, the simplest, least expensive thing to do to treat a variety of ailments is to use tanning bed to receive UV rays or take Vitamin D supplements.

Not Too Little UV, Not Too Much

The tricky part is getting just the right amount of UV exposure. Too much or too little UV is bad. Likewise, radon causes cancer but if you get too little radon, that causes cancer, too, just like exposure to ultraviolet rays. It’s fairly easy to get too much UV, unfortunately.

Did you know? Infrared is the only known antidote to ultraviolet overexpsoure, such as you might get from an extended tanning session or series of sessions. That’s why it makes perfect sense for a tanning salon to incorporate a FIT Bodywrap© system along with tanning beds. If your clients spend a bit too much time getting a tan, they can take an infrared body wrap immediately afterward to ameliorate the effects of an ultraviolet burn.

For total overall health, it’s necessary to get some exposure to UV. But it’s not a good thing to get too much. In that case, the only antidote is infrared, such as that incorporated in FIT Bodywrap©.

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