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Infrared Heat Therapy Adds Value to Chiropractic Clinics

Is your chiropractic practice making all the profit it could be? Sure, you are concerned with providing quality care for all of your patients, but you also need to think like a business owner and consider your bottom line.

What if we told you that by adding just one new service to your practice, you can easily make additional revenue without having to work harder or longer? It’s a proven therapeutic method that not only helps your patients recover faster, the service can easily be tacked on to a patient’s insurance bill.

This profitable new service is a FIT Bodywrap system utilizing far infrared ray (FIR) technology.

Infrared Ray Therapy

You may be aware that infrared saunas have long been proven efficacious for a variety of injuries, including muscular fatigue, recovery and endurance; various aches and pains; and inflammation of joints. The FIR technology used in saunas has been shown to reduce stresses on the body, improve circulation and promote healing via an inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system which suppresses the production of cytokine TGF-beta-1. Saunas can also lower blood pressure over time, stimulate the healing of subcutaneous wounds and induce vasodilatation, which reduces pain.

There are many bonus side effects of infrared ray therapy, as well. FIR heats up the body and causes it to sweat. This increases metabolism and burns calories. So patients who are using FIR therapy for healing will also benefit from weight loss –and who doesn’t want that?

A New Ways to Deliver FIR Therapy

But saunas aren’t always the most practical piece of equipment to put in your chiropractic clinic. They take up a lot of space and require additional labor to keep them sterile and hypoallergenic. Their design requires that the patient be subjected to a room full of heat. The overall deep heat therapy of a sauna raises a patient’s blood pressure and stresses the heart so it’s not recommended for everyone. Over time, this can actually strengthen the cardiovascular system and lower blood pressure but it’s obviously wise to be cautious about which patients are subjected to a sauna.

Luckily there’s a better way to provide effective treatment via FIR shop. The FIT Bodywrap is a system that allows patients to wrap themselves, then lie back and relax for an hour while you attend to other patients. It still contains all the benefits of infrared ray therapy but in a smaller, easier-to-use format that doesn’t require the user to breathe in the hot, moist air of a sauna.

For most applications, it is recommended that patients use FIR therapy two to three times per week for a period of one month or more. This is a fantastic way to add to your practice’s bottom line!

Body wraps utilizing infrared ray technology are the wave of the future for chiropractic clinics. This excellent form of therapy is so beneficial in so many ways, your patients will be asking for it by name when they learn how it makes them feel better and helps them lose weight in the bargain!

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