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Infrared Body Wraps and Tanning Salons

Tanning industry experts are in the business of helping people look and feel their best. To achieve this goal salon management teams are often on the lookout for new offerings that will get their clients excited, coming in habitually and seeing real results. While the infrared body wrap concept is similar to that of traditional body wraps offered in a spa setting it is also very different. Infrared technology has made it possible for people all over the world to enjoy a sweat inducing, pain relieving, detoxifying, calorie burning, body rejuvenating service all while relaxing in their favorite comfy environment.

Why are these benefits important to you? Because these benefits are what consumers are looking for! As of 2014, reports on Women’s Marketing state that the health and wellness market space generated $679 billion and the Healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss space generated $277 billion in 2014.  By offering an infrared service you can tap into this large market space and see your clients more often. Win!

We’ve put together some of the FAQ’s that tanning salon owners typically have about infrared technology and how it can grow their business.

1. How is Infrared Heat Different Than UV?

Infrared and ultraviolet light are both parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, but they differ in regards to their visibility, wavelength and frequency.  UV has a greater frequency and shorter wavelength than infrared. Infrared shows itself in the form of heat and it does not tan the skin. UV light is the frequency of light just beyond violet it stimulates melanin production, which makes the skin tone darker.

2. Can Clients Tan and Wrap Same Day?

Here at FIT we recommend that client’s body wrap and tan on different days of the week. Know someone who really wants to see some results from both services? Suggest that they wrap one day, tan the next, wrap again and so on. Why you ask? We don’t want to expose the body to too much heat or too much of the electromagnetic spectrum in one day.

3. Do I need to Hire a Licensed Therapist?

Nope! You can offer attended sessions if you’d like to, but an infrared service can be self-administered and piggyback on your existing operation. Once your team is trained and able to explain the session procedure to your customers, you will find that the system and its controls are user friendly and the room will be quickly turned around to maximize the number of appointments you can take in a day, without the need to hire extra staff.

4. Is the System TMAX Compatible?

Although we can’t speak for all infrared wraps, we can say that the FIT Bodywrap system is easily connected to a TMAX timer and FIT provides simple, step-by-step instructions for creating the connection. Not using an external timer? No worries, the controller comes with one built-in. Just turn on the system and you’re good to go.

5. Will an Infrared Service Work with My Current Pricing Structure?

Of course! Infrared sessions can be sold using an EFT program, credits, or sessions, they integrate like any bed and can easily be incorporated into your current business model, filling idle time and underutilized capacity. Bam!

Two things that clients want out of their salon are variety and convenience, besides their versatility, amazing benefits and high revenue generation an infrared service can diversify your business and integrate into your menu seamlessly.

Still have questions? Let us answer them, see what types of questions spa and wellness centers are asking by clicking here. If you’re ready to start increasing tanning salon revenues and find out if an infrared body wrap is a perfect FIT for your business get in touch with us by clicking the link below.

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