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Infrared as an Anti-Aging Tool for Spas

Who doesn’t want to look younger than their physical age? Based on the sales of anti-aging remedies and treatments – everything from creams to chemical injections to plastic surgery – the ability to regain our youthful good looks is in high demand. But did you know that immersive infrared therapy, such as that provided by FIT Bodywrap, can have a positive effect on aging? Here’s how.

It’s Heck Growing Old

As the human body ages, there are certain things bound to happen sooner or later. Often, we suffer from weight gain that just won’t go away, arthritis, stiff muscles, hair loss, poor memory and concentration, low sex drive, cold intolerance, insomnia, constipation, slow healing and easy bruising. Those are just some of the problems commonly encountered. But did you know that all of these can be attributed to a low body temperature? And if that’s the case, the deep heating effect of an infrared body wrap could do wonders for providing relief.

Skin Purification and Detoxing

Of course, there are even more problems we are likely to encounter as we get older. Such conditions as hypertension, osteoporosis and digestive issues are just a few that might be attributed to excess buildup of acid in our system, usually due to diet.

Where are acids stored? Usually acids present themselves as cholesterol, fatty acid and uric acid. To get rid of the excess, some medical professionals promote the use of far infrared immersion in addition to using alkaline supplements (Sang Whang,“Reverse Aging”, 1991). Infrared therapy to increase circulation, along with alkalizing supplements, helps the blood in arteries efficiently transport and excrete acidic toxins.

Another way infrared detoxification helps combat aging? By stimulation of tissue cell production and regeneration (Dr. Fouad I. Ghaly, MD, “Reversing the Aging Process – an Enlightened Doctor’s Discovery”, 1999) to increase cellular metabolism, oxygenation of tissue and blood flow. This, in turn, has a positive effect on wrinkles, blotchy pigmentation and skin elasticity.

Blood Circulation

Increasing blood circulation leads to many beneficial effects such as promoting cell growth and organ functions, rejuvenation of skin and maintenance of healthy blood pressure. The enhanced oxygen supply from increased blood flow is vital for the brain to maintain its cognitive functions.

How does infrared therapy help? An immersive IR system like FIT Bodywrap® exerts stress on the body in the form of heat. The body responds by cooling down via sweating. The act of intensely sweating increases blood flow, heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate.

Blood circulation is an important factor in human wellness because the blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues and cells. Red blood cells, called erythrocytes, carry oxygen to the organs, tissues, and cells in the body and perform an important function of controlling the release of a compound known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Increased blood flow helps organs and cells to receive more oxygen from which to make more ATP, improving metabolism. The benefits of increased blood circulation include passive exercise for the heart muscle and conditioning for the blood vessels.

In the quest to combat the effects of aging, immersive infrared therapy such as that provided by FIT Bodywrap® could represent an easy, safe and effective tool to use in any spa or wellness center.

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