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Incorporating FIT Bodywrap with Spa Services

Versatility is our middle name and FIT Bodywrap sessions can be offered as a standalone body treatment or as an add-on to an already existing service. A while back we got together with local massage therapists and estheticians to find out how they incorporate their massage and facial treatments with the FIT Bodywrap system. And let me say, we were impressed. After speaking with them (and acting as the guinea pig for some of the treatments ;)) we developed our service protocols. We did this because we know that sometimes managers and owners shy away from bringing in a new service because it seems like too much work, they already have so much on their plate! We’re here to lend a helping hand and show you how seamless the integration of the FIT Bodywrap system can be.

Reasoning for seeking  spa treatments can range from pain relief, relaxation, pampering, a special event and more. Take a look at your lineup of services, is there something there for everyone? Or at least the type of clientele you are aiming to attract? If you’re already in business and your menu of services is already pretty solid, it will be a piece of cake for you to integrate FIT Bodywrap sessions and here’s why.

Need some tips on designing the perfect menu? Click here!


There are quite a few ways you can combine an infrared body wrap with a massage and many of our Certified Providers offer massage or are a massage therapist themselves. We have seen success with those that offer a massage after a session, therapists say that putting a guest in the body wrap after a deep tissue massage for example, can help to soothe their muscles that were just worked and allow them to relieve some of the soreness. A 30 to 60-minute session can be an excellent add-on before a massage as well. Most massage therapists are familiar with clients that have a hard time relaxing, these are the guests that feel tense and uneasy until about 20 minutes into their appointment. Help them get to that Zen-like state sooner by letting them body wrap first. Pain relief is often noticed within the first 30 minutes of a session and your client’s muscles may be easier to work on when they’ve had a moment to chill. One of our protocols includes a luxurious neck, scalp and shoulder massage while the client relaxes in the wrap. This treatment can give a body wrap a whole new meaning and leave the recipient feeling blissful.


Because of its ability to increase blood flow in the body exposure to infrared is a great upsell to a facial. As you may know, blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to our tissues and cells and it can assist with anti-aging, wrinkling and cellulite reduction. Facial clients are coming into your spa because they want to either solve a skin care problem or simply rejuvenate their skin. By incorporating FIT into your menu, you will be able to treat their skin care concerns for the face and the body all at the same time. We recommend incorporating a “mini” or “express” facial during the first 25-30 minutes of the session, before the serious sweating begins!

Body Scrubs

One of our resort-spa Certified Providers offers a super yummy package that includes a full body exfoliation and light massage followed by a full 60-minute session. This type of package can increase circulation and improve the condition of the skin. I’ll take one of those, please! What a great way to pamper your clients.

These are just a few examples of ways that you can seamlessly integrate an infrared service into your offerings. If you don’t offer hands-on services in your facility pair up your body wrap sessions with spa services such as teeth whitening and airbrush or spray tanning. We know from experience that clients love a good deal and selling packages allows them to spend more time with you. The possibilities are endless!

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