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Incorporating FIT Bodywrap with Massage

Ask any spa-goer or wellness advocate and they’ll tell you, not only does a massage feel good but it can also provide countless health benefits. Massage therapy can provide relaxation, increased blood flow, pain relief, natural detoxification and more, so, the general consensus is massage therapy is an amazing wellness tool. Most would agree that a great massage makes them feel better, but what they may not know is that regular massage can improve their overall health.

According to The American Massage Therapy Association, AMTA, studies indicate that massage therapy is an effective treatment for cancer-related fatigue, low back pain, boosting the immune system function, lowering blood pressure, reducing headaches, lowering stress, relief for fibromyalgia patients and the list goes on!

So, why do some still believe that a massage is a luxury service, only to be had once in a while? We say ‘No Way!’ to that, because we know from experience that spa services that provide health and wellness benefits are necessary in today’s society. AMTA says that doctors are often the ones encouraging their patients to book a spa treatment, “Of those who discussed massage with their doctor or health care provider, 69 percent of their doctors or health care providers referred them to a therapist/strongly recommended massage therapy/encouraged them to get a massage.” This is great news for the spa industry and pairing up an infrared session with your massage menu can only assist with providing more pain relief and wellness benefits clients are in desperate need of.

Similar to a massage, an infrared therapy session can soothe irritated nerve endings, calming them down which results in relief. FIT Bodywrap sessions can also assist with weight loss, skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction and detoxification. Additionally, just like massage therapy, infrared sessions create a sense of relaxation and they can support the participant with reaching their wellness goals.

Here are three ways that massage has been successfully combined with FIT Bodywrap sessions. So go ahead and schedule that spa day, you deserve it!

FIT and Relax:

This drool-worthy duo allows the client to experience complete relaxation with a combination of infrared heat and gentle massage techniques. This luxurious treatment will promote relaxation, skin rejuvenation, detoxification and pain relief. Recipients of the FIT and Relax session have noticed an improved range of motion, relief from chronic pain, a sense of well-being and (extra bonus!) a nice cozy nap.

Massage, Pre-FIT Bodywrap Session

Those of us who really need it may find it especially difficult to relax. But aren’t massage treatments supposed to help you relax? Yes, they do, however, we have heard from massage therapists who notice that it can be challenging for their clients to slip into the zen-zone right away. How can infrared help? According to Dr. Flickstein, “Pain relief and relaxation is often noticed within the first 30 minutes of a FIT Bodywrap session and this can also loosen up the muscles, which means the body may be easier to work on.” Adding a 30 or 60-minute FIT Bodywrap session to the beginning of a spa day can prepare the body for massage work. Furthermore, infrared is known for getting the blood flow started and promoting detoxification so that clients can leave feeling happier and healthier.

Massage, Post-FIT Bodywrap Session

Deep tissue bodywork or a massage for a guest who hasn’t had one in a while may result in a bit of muscle soreness. Let’s be honest, depending on the work done, it may be more than a bit! Enjoying a 30 to 60-minute FIT Bodywrap session after a deeper massage can help the body flush toxins and allow soothing infrared rays to work their magic by increasing blood flow to sore areas.

Due to its versatility the FIT Bodywrap system can easily integrate with any spa menu, it also makes for an excellent upsell or standalone service. Didn’t see the FIT Bodywrap and massage combo listed above that you’ve received or your clients are raving about? Let us know!

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