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Incorporating Body Wraps with Facials

Great skin is a highly desirable trait, both men and women spend billions of dollars each year on skin care regimens, facials and searching for the product or service that will be their “fountain of youth”. According to Statista, the global skin care market is estimated to be worth around 121 billion US dollars.

An effective facial can cleanse, tone, moisturize and improve the skin. Many spa-goers schedule them regularly as a preventative measure against fine lines or wrinkles and to deeply cleanse their facial skin. The appearance of your skin says a lot about your health, the foods you eat and the products you use can also affect this, but an expert esthetician should be able to give you pointers for treatments or products that will address your concerns. These ever-so-popular spa treatments can moisturize the skin, improve skin texture and tone, alleviate redness, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and more, depending on the type of facial you choose.

Infrared wraps such as FIT Bodywrap can provide complementary benefits to those of a facial, offering both services together are a real treat for the skin. Additionally, when the body is immersed in infrared heat and blood flow is increased a beneficial effect for the whole body is created. When they hear about the amazing skin rejuvenating effects that infrared can provide clients want to know if they need to cover their face in infrared to see results, they don’t! When we say that infrared heat can increase blood flow we do mean throughout the entire body. Talk about infrared skin rejuvenation!

We’ve put together three ways our Certified Providers are currently pairing up facials with their body wraps to provide the ultimate skin revitalizing spa day!

FIT Facial

Take your body wrap to the next level by incorporating and express facial for the ultimate skin revitalizing treat! Because the FIT Bodywrap system allows the participant to lay down, comfortably wrapped up in the heat, it’s easy as pie to add on a facial during the first 25-30 minutes. Express facials are great for those who just need a quick cleanse, those working on a specific skin care goal or even for maintenance before their regularly scheduled full facial.

A Delightful Duo: Full Facial and Body Wrap

Some guests will need or want a full, 60-minute facial which is why offering a duo of infrared and skin care may suit their needs. Because they will be sweating it may be best to do the facial last, although FIT providers are successful offering this package both ways.

Incorporating infrared body wraps with facials

The Skin Series

Packages or a series of FIT sessions are wildly successful, so, a series of facials + infrared sessions are a great way to introduce clients to their new favorite skin regimen. Your packages should include anywhere from 3 to 10 of each and the facials can be customizable to fit a variety or skin care concerns. Packages are excellent for clients who have a goal in mind and this package is specifically great for guests who want to focus on toning, tightening, cellulite reduction, anti-aging and overall skin improvements.

Now that you are daydreaming about your next facial (and we are, too!) it’s a great time to take a look at your menu and imagine the possibilities.

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