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Five Tiny Tweaks that Can Improve Your Business

Running a business requires that you regularly evaluate your products, services, marketing, staff, and business practices. If one or two areas are lacking, it may be necessary to make changes to see growth. Where to begin? We’re here to help, and we’ve listed five tiny tweaks that can improve your business for the better!

When was the last time you changed something in your routine? Do you remember the fresh feeling it gave you? The same goes for your business. We’ve found that making minor modifications can make a world of difference.

Social Schedule

At this point, we are pretty sure you understand the need for your business to have a presence on social media. However, just because you’re posting something doesn’t mean it’s working. Your post frequency, timing, hashtags, content and a regular schedule all come into play when we’re talking social media. You can use social scheduling tools such as Hootsuite or HubSpot to keep a regularity to your posts. Doing so matters because once they follow your account, clients expect to hear from you.

Posting too much, not enough or choosing irrelevant content can make or break your social following. Keep it consistent and don’t forget to engage with your customers! Like and comment on posts, engage in genuine conversation and answer questions promptly. Your social media platforms are a window into your business. Show your clients what they can expect when they visit you.

Check in with Culture

Make sure your staff feels good about the work they are doing. Checking in with them frequently will not only make them feel supported, but it will also give insight into how things run when you’re not there. Employee training and continued education should be one of your top priorities. A Gallup report shows that only 32% of employees felt engaged at work in 2015. How engaged is your team? Meeting with them one-on-one and in a group setting is a good start to finding out. Businesses that provide training and development for their staff gain a competitive advantage. A successful training program can provide your facility with knowledgeable, capable employees who are more engaged in your company because you have invested in them.

Not all employees will be your ambitious, go-getter type but the goal is to make sure your business provides the tools they need to feel engaged at work. Consequently, taking the time to create an educational culture can produce the valuable and versatile team you want. Your team is an asset to your business, and their knowledge of the products and services you offer is what puts money in the bank.

Safe Spending

When was the last time you reviewed your operational expenses and business spending habits? You may be overspending on little things like back bar products or office supplies by not taking an accurate inventory. Small tweaks that save you fifty bucks here and one hundred dollars there allow you to save your money and spend it on something else.

Commit to a budget and stick to it. See what you can shave off and commit to your monthly spend. What will you do with the money you save? Reinvest in the business, place the magazine ad you’ve wanted to place for years, reward your team, or finish the new treatment room you’ve been dreaming about. Monitoring what you’re doing and spending on a monthly, weekly and yearly basis is vital for not only your budget but your business as a whole.

Security Secrets

If an emergency occurs within your facility what’s your safety plan? Though we may not want to think about the worst-case scenarios, it’s smart to consider safety before something happens. What will you do in case of an emergency, is everyone on your team aware? We recommend making a list of possible security issues your business may face. Then, work with your team to decide how your business will respond if something comes up.

Cover all your bases and protect your clients and staff. Create standard operating procedures for unforeseen circumstances like power outages, dealing with a challenging client or handling theft.  Make sure employees feel safe and understand what to do should something out of the ordinary occur.

Treat Yourself

You deserve it. Running a business and living life can be challenging at times! If you don’t have downtime for yourself, you may begin to feel like you’re going crazy! Even when it comes to working, treat yourself. Be kind to yourself when you make a mistake. Take time out to have a meaningful chat with a client or team member. Be present and enjoy the little moments of routine, challenge or changes in your day. Set time aside for your wellness and things that you love, because keeping a work-life balance is necessary!

Making changes can be exciting, but it isn’t always easy. Starting small can be helpful. Once you’ve made a tweak or two, you’ll see how investigating every area of your business with fresh eyes can create positive and powerful change.

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