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How To Reduce Cellulite in 5 Steps

Cellulite, it happens to the best of us! With the summer season (aka bikini season!) in full swing, cellulite is our number one enemy. Although we can’t get rid of cellulite completely, here are five simple steps to reduce its appearance. 1. Scrub. Dead skin on the surface of your skin can make cellulite indentations appear deeper so regular exfoliation is key. According to, caffeine can reduce the appearance of cellulite over time by tightening the skin and providing the antioxidants it needs. recommends combining coffee grounds, coconut oil and sea salt to refresh our skin. Applied topically, the triple combination stimulates blood flow and exfoliates resulting in smoother, firmer skin. *FIT Bodywrap Tip: Some Certified Providers have suggested that exfoliating before a FIT Bodywrap can help improve results. 2. Bronze. Bring on the bronzer! According to, everything looks smaller when it’s darker, and that includes cellulite. With so many options for a summer glow including spray tans and sunshine, a bronzed body is a quick and easy way to conceal cellulite. There you glow! 3. Salt-free. Say goodbye to salty foods that can make you retain excess water weight. According to, salt causes increased water retention that makes cellulite more noticeable. 4. Hydrate. Drinking water is a sure way to detoxify your body, and give cellulite the exit route it deserves! According to, water works as a natural cleanser that flushes toxins out of the body. This is also one of the reason why we encourage drinking a bottle of water before, during and after any FIT Bodywrap regimen. 5. Detoxify. The benefits of sweating created by far infrared technology as found in the FIT Bodywrap include detoxification, relaxation and weight loss. As a passive form of exercise, regular FIT Bodywrap sessions can help release toxins found in the skin that can contribute to cellulite.

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