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How to Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight doesn’t have to include fad-diets, insane workouts or starving yourself. It also doesn’t have to take nearly as long as you might think. Whether you’ve got a few extra pounds lingering around or you’re just embarking on your weight loss journey, slimming down can help you look and feel your best. How can you swiftly say ‘buh-bye’ to unwanted pounds?

You could partake in a cleanse, or hit the gym harder while consuming less calories than you did before. However, these methods are not sustainable and cannot provide long term, healthy weight loss results. We’re after fast results that last and we believe that making lifestyle changes can not only assist you shedding pounds, but they can also make a positive impact on your health in the future! If you’re tired of feeling famished and unfulfilled, yet you still want to know how to lose weight fast, we’ve compiled tips that’ll have you losing weight in no time.

Healthy eats, drinking water, infrared and exercise can help you lose weight fast!

What to Eat

Healthy meals should include a protein, fruit or veggies and healthy fats. By lessening the amount of sugars and starches you consume and eating mostly homemade food you can be sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs. With that said, it’s SO important to eat the right foods. Digestion requires calorie burn and certain foods require specific amounts of energy to process them. For instance, eating dishes that contain iron can help your body bring oxygen to your cells so your metabolism doesn’t slow.

IMPORTANT NOTE, skipping meals completely won’t allow you to lose weight in a healthy way! You may notice a flatter (yet excruciatingly hungry) stomach, but when your body is forced to take nutrients from a hungry body it begins taking them from muscle. This is especially true if you participate in a workout routine, your body needs calories to provide you with energy to hit the gym, so just keep that in mind.  Not sure if you’re eating too much or not enough? Start a food diary, you’ll then be able to clearly see which foods make you feel good VS. the ones that make you feel bloated.

What to Drink

Drink tons of water, sometimes what we think is hunger is really thirst and drinking water helps keep fat and toxins moving out of the body, improving the metabolism. Water contains zero calories and it can assist the body with flushing excess water weight, too. Staying hydrated makes a huge impact on how full you feel, how much energy you have and how much sweat you can produce… but we’ll get to that later ;) Avoid alcohol and beverages with high calorie counts, they don’t make you feel full but they do contain calories, and lots of them. Try green tea instead, the metabolism enhancing catechins it contains can help you burn calories. Some find that drinking regular old coffee works well with their metabolism as well, just skip the milk, sugar and sweetener alternatives.

What to Do

If you want to lose weight fast, it’s not only about what you consume, it’s also about the amount of energy (and number of calories) you expend each day. Engaging in some kind of physical or cardiovascular activity each day will absolutely get you on the right track. If hitting the gym is part of your weight loss journey pumping some iron is a way to burn calories quickly. Weight training can also increase your resting metabolic rate, which is the number of calories you burn while simply relaxing.

What else can burn calories? Infrared. When infrared heat penetrates the body, and raises body temperature to 100 degrees or more, fat breaks down, becomes more soluble and can be released through the sweat glands (we have about 2 million) and bodily functions. Studies show that getting your sweat on each day not only helps the body flush toxins, but it can improve the skin, metabolism, and speed up weight loss results. Therefore, infrared heat is one of the secrets to losing weight fast!

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Infrared induced perspiration contains more than merely water, it carries out toxins, fats, cholesterol, ammonia, alcohol, nicotine, mercury and more. When we are struggling to drop those last few pounds, our bodies may need to simply need to detoxify and retain less water, two things that infrared can assist with. Additionally, being over-stressed can encourage our bodies to hold on to abdominal fat because cortisol can rouse the appetite and slow the metabolism which creates the perfect environment for fat storage. Taking the time to relax during an infrared session can not only lower your cortisol levels, but it can leave you with a sense of deep relaxation and wellbeing.

What does it take to see results? Commitment. Eating natural, healthy, homemade foods, staying hydrated and getting your sweat on are all things you can do each and every day. If you want to make positive and permanent changes at a fast pace, choosing a healthy lifestyle, nutritious foods and regular infrared exposure can get you where you want to be.


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