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How to Lose Belly Fat

If fat has a favorite place to stay it’s on our bellies, and while it may seem to take-up a permanent residence in our bodies there are ways to let it know that it’s time to move out. We have a few more months of winter left, but there’s no need to hibernate! Now is the time to get a head start on your health and lose belly fat, for good!

Gallup, a professional polling company conducted a survey and found more than one-third of Americans classify themselves as overweight. If you consider yourself overweight, or if you’ve been curious about how to lose belly fat it’s time to make a change and we’ve got the tips to help you do it.

The 411 on Fat

We all have fat on our bodies, and as your jeans may have let you know, the fat we carry can fluctuate. If your goal is to lose belly fat, it’s important to understand the two different types of fatty tissue affecting your abdomen. They are called visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat lives right below the skin and is considered more obvious as you can physically grab it with your hand. Visceral fat is a bit sneaky, because it hides around internal organs such as the liver, intestines and pancreas.

How do you know if you’re holding on to too much visceral fat? Visible signs may include a bulging belly, large waist and inflammation. Visceral fat can also increase cortisol production, increase the risk of heart diseases, cancer, stroke, dementia, diabetes, depression, obesity and more. The truth is, both fat types can contribute to health concerns.

Weight loss is all about your body, behaviors, the foods you eat and how active you are and the first step is to set priorities and build a healthy metabolism. When you combine healthy habits with regular infrared sessions the slimmer silhouette you desire can be achieved.

Cue the Cardio

If you want a lean belly, making time for cardiovascular activity is a must. A study conducted by Duke University found aerobic activity can burn 67% more calories than resistance training or a combination of cardio and resistance training. Because our bodies are all different, what works for some may not for others. However, we do know that moving your body and participating in multiple cardiovascular activities each week can reduce the amount of fat on your body. Just be sure you aren’t replacing ALL the calories you burn right after a workout or infrared session.

“Infrared immersion makes it possible for people who are unable to follow conditioning and exercise programs to achieve cardiovascular training effects, thus getting their heart and blood vessels in better shape,” says FIT Bodywrap Clinical Director, Dr. Aaron Flickstein. “Most people who run do so to place demands on their cardiovascular systems that will improve it. The use of a sixty-minute infrared session has the same effects on the cardiovascular system as running and regular use is effective in cardiovascular conditioning as well as burning calories.”

Say Sayonara to Processed Sugars and Skip the Midnight Snack

Even when you want to lose weight, you still need to eat! Meals that are mostly protein based can help you become leaner and decrease the appearance of bloating. If you want to lose belly fat consuming large amounts of fiber and veggies can also assist your body in the process.

We could tell you to avoid carbs altogether, but, let’s be real here. Avoiding all carbs at all times is difficult and you should be allowed to indulge at least 20% of the time. When your co-worker brings you a single homemade cookie, you could politely decline or you could eat said cookie, and satisfy your craving. This method only works if you’re serious about getting your sweat on each day and you’re also serious about eating nutritious meals about 80%of the time. Just be sure you aren’t eating a cookie right before bed.

While you’re visiting dreamland, your body is burning its fat storages and using the calories you took in during the day to do so. When you grab a late-night snack, whether it’s healthy or not, your body is going to burn up those calories, instead of the ones you’ve already eaten first. “To wake up less bloated it is best to avoid the kitchen about two hours before bedtime,” says Flickstein.

Take a Chill Pill

Besides being called the “fight or flight” hormone, cortisol has a few other tricks up its sleeve. This hormone has been known to induce junk-food cravings and stimulate fat storage in the belly. Yikes! Practicing yoga, deep breathing techniques or setting aside some time to simply relax and enjoy some infrared heat can help. “Participating in weekly infrared sessions can improve your health with profound relaxation,” says Flickstein “If you measured your cortisol levels during an infrared session you may notice they stay the same or rise slightly, however, after the infrared therapy session those levels will drop immediately.” When our cortisol levels are balanced we feel more calm, clear, collected and focused on our goals.

Making changes in your lifestyle and including infrared sessions in your routine can not only reduce belly fat, but it can increase your overall health and wellness. When you make small changes like regularly increasing your heart rate, getting more sleep, staying hydrated and eating healthy meals without putting too many restrictions on your diet, you’ll be on the way to a happier, healthier and skinnier you!


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