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How to Help Your Customers Track Their Weight Loss Progress

What is one of the most important factors in losing weight and losing it for good? It’s finding a way to track progress. Of course, it’s important to create a weight loss goal, but just as important is knowing how well your efforts are working and seeing the results in black and white. Feeling good about reaching goals helps anyone stay the course. If your business has anything to do with helping people look and feel better, you will find that giving them weight loss and tracking tools can help you stand out from the competition. It’s a subtle marketing tool that works exceptionally well with the FIT Bodywrap© system.

Weight Management Technology

These days, most consumers realize that there are plenty of options for helping them lose weight. Most of those options include new technology while not requiring the use of drugs or surgery. Smartphone apps are one very popular tool in the quest to lose pounds and inches. Because most people carry a smartphone or tablet everywhere they go, this technology presents an ideal way to take a tool along and actually use it. There are many weight loss apps available that do everything from calculating caloric intake to customizing exercise routines to recording the results of diet and exercise. In terms of branding your business, you could create your own app and offer it for free as a perk of membership at your tanning salon, gym, wellness center or medical facility. For customers who are trying to add more physical activity to their daily routine, a pedometer is an excellent tool. Simply having a pedometer and not even looking at it spurs people compete against themselves and take more steps each day. A low-tech, handheld pedometer helps keep track of calories burned but you could also provide one via a smartphone or tablet app; many modern devices interact with computer programs or online sites to keep track of progress in this area as well as others, such as sleep habits and caloric intake. Use your company logo to remind your customers that you are an important partner in their weight loss journey. Your website can become a weight loss tool, too. It’s a simple thing to add a BMI calculator or calorie counter but you could even develop an online community with private login where customers can interact with each other while tracking and posting their own results.

Weight Loss Equipment

All of these ideas work really well with a FIT Bodywrap© system in place at your business. FIT™ body wraps use the latest far infrared ray (FIR) technology to help consumers effortlessly lose weight. They are the perfect accompaniment to other services such as tanning, massage, exercise classes, chiropractic or physical therapy treatments. Encourage your customers to set a goal for health or wellness and offer a special price on their first body wrap session. Once they see the tangible results of their efforts, they are sure to stick with the program – and one of the most effective tools in weight loss and health management is simply staying focused. When you help your customers track their progress toward personal goals, you are helping them become a lifelong fan of your business! Let FIT Bodywrap© help you earn additional revenue.

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