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How to Get Your Social Media Ready for Summer

Are your social media pages ready to strut its stuff this summer? While the beautiful weather may be enticing for basking in sunshine throughout the day, the summertime can be an inspiring time to sit down and “clean up” your brand’s social media pages. The new season can provide great opportunities for you to update your content and keep your pages relevant and attractive. Here are our top 5 tips in making sure your social media is ready for summer.

Create a new Facebook cover photo. 

Freshen up your Facebook page with a summer-inspired cover photo. If you have any ongoing promotions, embedding information in a cover photo can be a good way to spread awareness among users.

Download Hootsuite. 

If you haven’t already, download and utilize a social media management system like Hootsuite to help you track and manage multiple social networks. This will enable you to monitor what people are saying about your brand and allow you to respond quickly to inquiries.

Secure Facebook web address. 

When directing customers to your Facebook page, you want to be able to provide them with a direct web address. Remember, you can only create your web address once so take some time to think about a unique address. It’s always best to keep it short and simple to make it easier for customers to remember and type in the URL.

Boost posts. 

Have a promotion going on? Boosting posts on Facebook can be an effective way to reach customers. You can even find success by setting a small budget each month (i.e. $100), and you can geofence your posts in order to target your audience by geographic location, age, etc.

Host a contest. 

Give your customers something to be excited about! Host a contest or giveaway to garner attention from users who may not have been as actively involved with your page. You’ll be surprised how many people respond to a freebie here and there. This can be a good way to increase your following and recognition among those who may not have already been in tune with your page. The secret to being social media savvy is simple; think about what your customers want to see and gain from your brand. Make sure to keep it fun and lighthearted, and remember that success on social media relies heavily on listening to your customers.

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