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How to Detox Your Body

If you’ve been curious about how to detox your body, it’s important to know that the human body does come equipped with its own detox process which involves the sweat glands, liver, kidneys and bowels. Our bodies are designed to eliminate waste and Livestrong states that we are continually releasing toxins through the colon, liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and lymph glands. A healthy lifestyle includes incorporating natural methods of detoxification and there are a few things we can do (like infrared sessions!), eat and drink to help the process along. Toxins can be difficult to avoid, we are exposed to them daily and some of them we choose to put into our bodies (ahem, coffee and alcohol). Our bodies experience toxin overload when we are sick, recovering from a long weekend of partying or traveling and for numerous internal and external reasons. Common symptoms of those who need to detox include, feeling a bit sluggish, experiencing unexplained aches and pains or just feeling a bit “off”. Digestion issues and struggling to lose those last few extra pounds can also be lifestyle related. The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that the root causes of more than 80% of all illnesses are found in personal environments or lifestyles. People who live in urban or populated area, as many of us do are exposed to toxic substances daily such as automobile exhaust gases, dust and toxic particles in the air. Detoxification is important because it allows the release of harmful substances, strengthens the body’s immune system and helps the body function efficiently. The process of detoxification aims to clean the body from the inside out, removing toxins and replacing them with nutrients to promote a happy, healthy, functioning body! Some detox methods include fasting or incorporating a diet of light and healthy foods and you’ve probably heard of the ever-so-popular juice cleanses, fruit and veggie or sugar detox. These programs can be effective, it all depends on your body type and goal. Here are some tried and true tips that most can add into their daily routine.

Everyday DIY Detox Tips

Lemon Water

Upon rising in the morning drinking a cup of warm water with lemon can aid in digestion, prevent dehydration, support weight loss and balance the bodies PH. Lemons also contain Vitamin C which can help the body produce glutathione, a liver compound that drives away toxins. FIT TIP: Keep it up! Enjoy your glass of lemon water each morning, but don’t forget that It’s also recommended to drink plenty of water throughout the day, around 64oz.

Green Tea

Known for being high in antioxidants, this delicious beverage contains Catechins, a flavonoid that is believed to reduce the risk of stroke, heart failure and diabetes. Fruits like blackberries and black grapes as well as fava beans, dark chocolate and red wine also contain catechins. Just remember, everything in moderation.

Green Juice

Ingredients like spinach, kale, celery, lemon and ginger not only make for a healthful way to get your daily veggie intake. Dark leafy greens can boost digestion and ginger is great for the liver because it can help send free radicals packing. FIT TIP: Smoothies can also be a delicious and nutritious addition to your daily eats. Click here for our top 5!

Whole Grains

Even if you aren’t concerned with a detox program these nutritious and fiber-filled foods can keep you regular which can assist the body with toxin flushing. Yes, we know what we’re alluding to here, but elimination is a great way to detoxify 😉

Infrared Sessions and Sweat

Periodic infrared detoxes can be an effective way to rid your body of the toxins it absorbs during the course of a normal day because they assist the body with the perspiration process. Sweating can help the body get rid of phthalates that are used in everything from plastic cooking utensils to paint. In 2012 a group Canadian researchers conducted a study in which they tested the blood, urine and sweat of 20 people. They concluded that the concentration of phthalates in sweat was two times higher than what they found in the participants’ urine. This suggests that sweat can carry out these toxins as well as BPA. Those same Canadian researchers (they were on a roll) discovered traces of BPA in the sweat of 80% of their test subjects. Why does infrared heat make a difference in the amount of toxins released? Because it penetrates into the body which allows it to break up toxins and send them out through your sweat glands and bodily functions. Want more info? Click here to check out Sweating 101.

Take a Breather

Focusing on deeper breaths each day can allow oxygen to circulate throughout the body, clearing out what we no longer need. If you’re new to deep breathing start with at least 3 deep belly breaths upon waking, 3 before lunch and 3 before bed. This can assist with detoxing the lungs and you’ll most likely notice a sense of calm. Bust a Move! Participate in some kind of exercise, dancing, yoga or walking to trigger calorie burn, muscle strengthening and endorphin release. According to Livestrong, movement can assist with circulating both blood and lymph which may help with getting your detox on. Additionally, digestion can become regulated with a consistent exercise regimen. FIT TIP: Yoga can be done at home or in the studio. Poses like a spinal twist are known for stimulating digestion, don’t forget to include those deep belly breaths we mentioned above.

Not sure if the detoxification methods listed above are safe for you? If you have questions, speak with your doctor before beginning a new program make sure to ask about medical conditions or medications that may affect you. Otherwise, happy detoxing! Make sure to hydrate!

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