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How to De-stress From Holiday Pressure

Now that you’ve made it through Thanksgiving, are you getting stressed just thinking about Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s and all those parties and special events? Whether you are hosting the holidays are merely expected to show up at someone else’s get-together, shopping and baking and decorating can take all the enjoyment out of the holiday season. Don’t let it get you down. Use these tips for relaxing and de-stressing so you can truly enjoy the season.

Take Time To Stop and Smell the Roses

So often we get caught up in all the things we should be doing, we forget to take a moment to ourselves and simply experience the holidays. Not only is this good for your mental well-being, it can help you stay in shape, too. If you love the snow, plan a day sledding or skiing, then relaxing afterward with a cup of skinny hot chocolate. If you live in a more temperate area, then now is the perfect time for walking, hiking, running and biking.

There are certainly lots of tempting goodies around this time of year but rather than indulging in a cookie frenzy or sampling half of that batch of fudge you’re making, plan on enjoying simple pleasures like looking at Christmas decorations in your neighborhood, stringing popcorn for the tree (also a delicious, low-cal treat!) or snipping pine branches to make your own wreath. Putting up Christmas lights on your house and in your yard is good exercise and allows you to cross off one more item on your to-do list. And whatever you decide to do, play some Christmas carols to accompany your efforts – that will really put you in the holiday spirit!

Pare Down Your List

Speaking of that to-do list, quit stressing over all the things you are supposed to be doing but can’t find the time to accomplish. If you’ve got a big list of people to send cards to, try emailing a greeting rather than laboriously writing out each card by hand. Or simply skip it. Will anyone really be disappointed if they don’t get a card this year?

Don’t have time to bake cookies – or perhaps you simply don’t want to be tempted by them? There’s nothing wrong with buying a box of goodies from the store and packaging them in a pretty box with a ribbon. No one needs to know you didn’t make them from scratch!

Planning a party this year? Rather than doing all the cooking or catering yourself, ask each guest to bring a dish and a bottle. Make it a decorating party to kill two birds with one stone.

Schedule In Some Relaxing “Me” Time

And finally, don’t forget to schedule regular time to do something relaxing. For many of us, that means a massage or pedicure. But here’s another tranquil, soothing way to spend an hour: in a FIT® Bodywrap. Not only does an hour-long session melt away pounds and stress, it detoxifies your body and makes your skin silky smooth. While the far infrared ray heat wrap does its thing on your body, watch a holiday movie or listen to Christmas carols on your iPod. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to de-stress while getting ready for a big party later in the day?

Are you ready for the holidays? Stop stressing about what you can’t get done and focus on the simple pleasures of the season. And don’t forget to schedule a weekly FIT® Bodywrap session to keep you slim, svelte, and stress-free!

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