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How to Clean a FIT Bodywrap

Here’s the truth: if you don’t keep your business clean your clients will notice, and not in the “Wow, I love this place!” type of way. Clients expect a sanitary space to relax in (rightfully so!) and state cosmetology boards have cleanliness regulations in place for a reason. We’re sure you know; a clean business is a necessity and with clients coming in and out all day long a sanitation procedure is not optional, it’s a must. What does this have to do with your body wrap? Your wrap is part of your business and like all equipment it is required that you keep it clean. Though the FIT Bodywrap equipment is commercial grade and designed for consistent use, an effective cleaning procedure can increase the useful lifetime of the wrap and provide a delightful customer experience. We’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about cleaning so you can be sure your wrap is always in tip-top shape. First things first, what should you use to keep your FIT Bodywrap sparkling clean? A hospital grade disinfectant!

What is a Hospital Grade Disinfectant?

Even if you do not offer health care services within your business, it’s still important to clean as if you do. A hospital grade disinfectant is a cleaner that has proven effectiveness in killing germs and micro-organisms from inanimate objects. Many of these disinfectants follow specific guidelines put into place by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and according to their website, these products are antimicrobial and effective against common pathogens. Sometimes they are sold in a gallon and require dilution with water. Follow the instructions for dilution and keep a spray bottle on hand for quick cleanup.

How to Clean a FIT Bodywrap System

  • Step 1: Open the body wrap and arm wraps up completely. Remove any trash and wipe up any residue in the wrap with a clean towel.
  • Step 2: Spray a hospital grade disinfectant liberally all over the wrap and arms, following the specific instructions on your cleaner for the length of time it is to be left on. Be sure to avoid leaving the cleaner on too long.
  • Step 3: Wipe away disinfectant with a clean towel, taking notice of any marks or stains needing attention.
  • Step 4: If applicable, use a stain remover and ensure the wrap is completely dry before closing it to prepare for the next session.
  • Step 5: Empty the trash in the room, remove soiled towels and FIT Coats.

Got Stains?

We’ve heard it all, pen marks, hair dye, nail polish (yes, someone tried an impromptu manicure during their session!). Though the wrap is non-porous if a stain begins and is not taken care of right away it may be a challenge to remove. What to do? Keep a spot cleaner such as Resolve on hand and inspect the wrap after each session looking for any marks or stains.

How Do You Clean the FIT Bodywrap Controller?

Your cleaning routine shouldn’t stop at the body wrap and arm wraps. Your controller is part of the equipment and should also be cleansed regularly! This being said, we advise you to take extra care with cleaning solutions as to not spray them into parts of your controller that should not get wet. Instead, you can spray your disinfectant on a clean towel and gently sanitize the control unit. Be sure to sanitize the front control panel as this is “high-traffic” spot in which your team and guests frequently touch. Be sure to wipe down and sanitize your controller, cords and entire unit regularly!

Using the FIT Coat and How It Helps with Cleanup

The FIT Coat is a one-time use disposable garment innovatively designed to enhance the results of FIT Bodywrap sessions. It does so by acting as a barrier between the participant and the wrap, capturing the heat to induce more perspiration and significantly assisting with cleanup by containing the sweat inside the coat. After rigorous product development and testing to diminish the leaking of sweat the FIT Coat is going to be your best bet for making sure cleanup is a breeze. Do note, deep cleaning should be done regularly to ensure optimal cleanliness. Also, extra cleaning may be necessary if another product is used in the wrap, such as a body butter or topical product. Each clean gives you and your team the opportunity to inspect the wrap, ensuring that it’s good to go for customers. Keeping your FIT Bodywrap clean is a simple process, just be sure to follow the cleaning procedure for a sparkling clean wrap!

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