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How to Achieve Success with New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions

How are your clients’ New Year’s weight loss resolutions coming along? If they are like most Americans, they resolved to make 2013 the year they would lose weight. But, chances are as the year progresses, that goal will fall to the wayside.

As a tanning salon owner, physical therapist or chiropractor, you have the tools to help your clients – as well as yourself – stay true to your goals. Their goal is to lose weight and get into shape; your goal is to make more money in your practice or salon. FIT Bodywraps can help with both!

Here are some additional ideas for capitalizing on weight loss resolutions and helping your practice or salon become more profitable.

Counsel Your Clients

You probably already know this, but it’s important to encourage your clients to continue their fitness and health goals through proper nutrition and physical activity. Take the time to help them decide on a realistic, achievable goal so they don’t get discouraged. Help them develop a worksheet that allows them to keep track of what they are eating and how much activity they are getting each day. You may want to set up weekly classes with your client base that teach them about good nutrition and exercise while introducing them to the tools your business offers.

Offer Body Wraps

Another way to help your clients is to install a FIT® Bodywrap system. This is a great adjunct to your existing salon or practice that fits perfectly with the services you already offer. With a FIT® Bodywrap, your clients can effortlessly shed pounds through weekly, one-hour body wrap sessions (offering an annual rate is a great way to develop continuity). And while they are losing weight and inches, they also benefit from detoxifying their bodies, softening their skin and reducing stress. Additionally, the FIR technology in FIT® Bodywraps helps loosen their joints and muscles which will better enable them to put maximum effort into their workout routines.

If you already have a FIT® Bodywrap system in place, use it to its full advantage. Now is the best time to advertise this service, when so many people are bound and determined to lose weight. We’ve found that a Groupon offer works really well; check out these Groupon marketing results from salon owners just like you.

More Ways to Profit

And finally, think about additional ancillary products you may be able to sell from your salon or practice. Pedometers are inexpensive and simple to use; might your clients benefit from your business offering these? Perhaps partnering with a local gym to offer their membership packages from your practice would be a good way to bring in extra revenue, in the form of commissions. You could ask for a reciprocal offer from the gym, as well. How about printing a stack of coupons for a discounted FIT® Bodywrap session, tanning session, chiropractic adjustment or other services that can be offered at the gym’s front desk?

It’s a new year and FIT® Bodywrap is committed to helping you find new ways to monetize your business. Contact FIT today to find out how we can help your bottom line!

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