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How the Mind-Body Connection Affects Health

It’s a fact: a human being’s body can’t be separated from the mind. The two are inextricably entwined, meant to function together for the harmony of the whole being. That’s why, when it comes to overall health, you must consider the psychological component in order to reach wellness goals. Keeping this in mind (pun intended), here is what happens when the two are out of sync and a new way to enlist positive thinking when striving for positive physical change.

Scientific Evidence for the Mind-Body Connection

The mind-body connection is based on scientific evidence. It has long been documented that how you feel and think affects your body’s behavior and functioning. Scores of researchers – both psychologists and medical doctors – have shown in numerous studies that the body interacts with the mind in a complicated manner. By treating the two together, there is an enhanced ability to control pain, promote rapid healing and even lose weight. This is not alternative medicine, but a methodology based on proven scientific fact. Healing can begin when we focus mentally on becoming well.

Health Issues

Perhaps the biggest psychological factor in terms of wellness is stress. Today, more and more people complain of stresses triggered by our busy, fast-moving, information-overloaded lives. Learning how to relax, cope and use the proper physical activity to promote wellness is the best way to deal with constant stress.

Our physical wellbeing is directly influenced by how we think, feel and behave both on a personal level and in social situations. When our mental faculties are out of balance, it is often manifested as back or chest pain, a change in eating habits, bowel irritation, lethargy, overall body aches, insomnia, headaches, nausea and a host of other symptoms. Often, the immune system is compromised, as well, which leads to a variety of physical illnesses such as colds, flu or infection. Our bodies tell us when something is wrong, even if we don’t realize it cognitively.

Infrared as a Wellness Tool

FIT Bodywraps© are a particularly effective tool in treating clients with a variety of ailments and symptoms because the application of far infrared rays (FIR) on the entire body positively affects both physical and psychological health. While wrapped in the deep, soothing warmth of a thermowrap system such as FIT©, a person begins to feel comfort from bodily aches and pains while stress melts away. The detoxification effect of infrared wraps also helps strengthen the immune system and improve cardiovascular function. It’s a one-two punch that addresses physical and mental health in a single, one-hour session.

A positive side effect of regular infrared wraps is weight loss which results from calories burned by the body in order to produce sweat. Because so many of us equate good health with proper weight, loss of inches and pounds help motivate us to keep doing beneficial things and behaving in a way that promotes continued wellness. Weight loss becomes positive reinforcement for taking care of ourselves!

Until the mind comes on board to help the body strengthen, it is difficult to effect lasting, positive change in overall health. De-stress, tone up, relieve aches and pains – all of these things are achieved with FIT Bodywraps© to promote wellness.

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