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How the FIT Coat Can Improve Spa Services

Here at FIT Bodywrap we’ve perfected the art of participating in effective infrared sessions. But, we’re often asked, besides the infrared heat and the FIT Bodywrap system what makes an infrared session extremely effective? It’s the use of ancillary items such as the FIT Coat and the FIT Booster! When FIT Bodywrap was born in 2008 the owners and creators spent time crafting and constructing the perfect one-time use garment to be worn during each session. Why? For effectiveness, safety and sanitary reasons. Wearing a FIT Coat can make your infrared immersion even more effective and here’s why.

What is the FIT Coat?

This one-time use disposable garment is innovatively designed to enhance the results of FIT Bodywrap sessions. It does so by acting as a barrier between the participant and the wrap, capturing the heat to induce more perspiration and significantly assisting with cleanup by containing the sweat inside the coat. As we know, some people are more conditioned to sweat than others. Wearing the FIT Coat can help those who don’t sweat easily produce more sweat than they normally would for a more effective session.

Features include:

  • Leak Defense: The FIT Coat has gone through rigorous product development and testing to diminish the leaking of sweat. Of course, it’s still necessary to sanitize your equipment with a hospital grade disinfectant after each use, but when the coat contains a great deal of sweat it makes cleanup that much easier.
  • Superior Design: Intended for clients of all different heights and weights, the FIT Coat is made with soft mesh on the inside and a non-porous material on the outside to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness. This means the coat won’t be sticky, scratchy or uncomfortable when worn. This is especially important when offering luxury spa services. Comfort is key!

How it Works

It’s simple, really, before an infrared session apply the FIT Booster spray to the body, focusing on problem areas. Then, put on the FIT Coat and climb in the wrap to enjoy an hour of soothing infrared heat. Once your session is complete carefully exit the wrap, remove the FIT Coat, toss it in the trash and towel off. That’s all there is to it!

Other Ways to Use the FIT Coat

When we create products one of our top priorities is versatility. While the name “FIT Coat” may seem to indicate that this coat can only be worn during FIT Bodywrap sessions this is just simply not true. Spas and wellness centers use this handy-dandy suit in a variety of ways because sanitation is always a priority and clients see better results from the services the coat is used with.

Other uses for the FIT Coat include:

  • Wearing the coat inside of an infrared sauna to contain the heat and capture sweat, making a communal sauna more sanitary.
  • Putting the FIT Coat on after a traditional or compression wrap is applied.
  • Wearing the coat while receiving a mud wrap, seaweed wrap or other body treatment that utilizes somewhat “messy” products.

Because there are so many ways you can use the FIT Coat we encourage you to get creative and use them to their full potential. It’s important to note here, they are one-time use only, and we don’t recommend using them more than once. You are going to sweat into them after all!

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