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How NOT To Gain Weight Over the Holidays

It’s officially here, folks – the season of food, family, fun and…food…and even more food. How’s the person struggling to lose weight or maintain results supposed to get through the holidays without gaining weight? It’s not easy, that’s for sure. But it is possible. Use these tips for enjoying healthier holiday fun.

Party Smart

Chances are you’ll be invited to lots of holiday get-togethers and invariably those get-togethers feature food and beverage not designed for dieters. There’s a lot of calories in alcoholic beverages but even G-rated egg nog and punch are full of extra fat and sugar.

Be prepared and party the smart way. Before you leave home, drink lots of water and munch on a healthy snack such as raw veggies. That way you won’t be tempted to overindulge once you arrive at the shindig. And when you do get there, don’t try to do the impossible by completely abstaining from food or drink – but do make good choices.

White wine is a lower calorie alternative to spiced cider or hot buttered rum. Stay away from the fried foods and pastry cart and fill your plate with fresh fruits, crackers and hard cheese. Be wary of carbs; instead of opting for sandwiches or mini-quiches, reach for stuffed mushrooms and cold shrimp. Nuts are very nutritious but just a small handful is more than enough, calorie-wise. For dessert, a candy cane or chocolate bar (dark chocolate is actually a health food – yes it is!) is a wise choice.

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Pay the Price

Nobody’s perfect; we all overdo it once in a while. The key is to not let that derail your weight loss plans. If you do drink and eat a bit too much one night, head on over to the tanning salon the next day to schedule a one-hour FIT® Bodywrap session. In just one session, you can nearly reverse all those negative things you put your body through; you can sweat away over 1,000 calories, lose a few inches and detoxify your body in just an hour!

Overindulging is not an excuse to give up. Relax in an infrared body wrap, then get back on track as soon as possible.

More Tips

Nobody wants to show up for Thanksgiving dinner or a holiday party and seem like a party pooper. Here’s a few more tips to ensure you have fun:

  • Take an adult beverage – but sip on it slowly throughout the night and drink a big glass of water in between each.
  • Don’t eat so little that other guests comment about your lack of food; try saving up your calories the day of a party so you can eat a bit few more than you normally would at night.
  • Why not burn off some of those calories before you leave? Participate in a post-Thanksgiving dinner football game or be the first guest to dance to the music at a holiday party.
  • If you can, plan on walking home to get even more exercise.

The holidays are here – are you ready? Be prepared and pre-schedule a weekly FIT® Bodywrap over the next two months so your figure or physique doesn’t pay the price for holiday indulgence.

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