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How Much Do Infrared Body Wraps Cost?

Infrared heat body wraps have become increasingly popular in the beauty and wellness industry. With their ability to relieve pain, detoxify the body, shrink fat cells and promote weight loss, infrared body wraps are a service that clients are asking for, some by brand names ;). Doing your research to understand how infrared heat works and whether the investment is worth your while is essential before introducing new equipment to your business. After all, there’s also that ever so calculated budget.

During your research, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Which infrared fit body wrap system for sale is best for your business and how much is the initial system purchase?
  • What is the cost of ownership over time?
  • What type of support is provided with your purchase?
  • Are there retail components offered with the equipment?

Which wrap is best for your business and how much is the initial system purchase?

There are several styles of infrared heat body wraps on the market, there are also units that are strictly meant for home use. If you are reading this blog because you want to offer infrared sessions in your business a professional unit is the way to go!

Let’s explore the difference between a home unit and a professional unit.

Home units are often made in a variety of shapes to treat specific parts of the body. There are also at-home sauna suits that are meant to be used by one person as the materials used may be porous, capturing sweat. Price tags for these range from under $100 to a few thousand.

Fit Body Wrap system

Professional units are sold by manufacturers and equipment distributors, they are made of commercial grade material, contain safety sensors and can be used day in and day out in busy facilities. These units usually range in cost from about $6,000 – $10,000 depending on the quality.

Similar to the variations in pricing there are some infrared body wraps that require an attendant to administer the session while others allow for either attended or unattended sessions. When considering the cost of your equipment, you’ll also want to decide on how you plan to offer sessions. Will you have a therapist or team member dedicated to this service?  Will clients be instructed on running a session themselves? Or will you use a far-infrared heat wrap that is versatile and offer a mix of both?

If you offer spa treatments such as massages and facials, there are infrared wraps that work seamlessly with them and simple integration will save you money in the long run.

Beware of imposters! If the equipment you are looking to buy seems too good to be true…it just might be. For example, some units that are marketed as professional might be made of material that cannot be effectively sanitized. Remember, the quality of the material is very important. For a body wrap to be considered commercial grade it should be made of a non-porous material that can be easily cleaned, and withstand consistent use day in and day out. Moreover, it should be able to raise core body temperature. So, make sure you’re purchasing the infrared body sauna wrap treatment system from a credible source.

What is the cost of ownership over time?

Most infrared heat therapy body wraps include some kind of computerized control panel as well as the wrap or wraps. With proper maintenance, a commercial-grade infrared body wrap will be able to run a fit bodywrap session, one after the another, day after day. Regardless of the body wrap manufacturer, over time the “wrap” portion of your body wrap will need to be replaced to ensure the best results for your clients.

To assist with the cost of replacements most manufacturers issue a warranty with your purchase. Understanding your warranty and the amount of use your wrap can endure should be a factor you consider when you are deciding on how much to charge per session. Many successful salons and spas are charging anywhere from $50-$200 per session.

When you are evaluating the cost of ownership it’s a good idea to begin by looking at the warranty and the replacement programs put in place by the vendor. A strong replacement and warranty program will lower the cost of ownership significantly.

For example, if a replacement infrared wrap is $1000 and the wrap you selected is expected to last for about 500 sessions, that means that your amortized cost per session is $2.00. So, say your business spends $2 in supplies per session and your amortized dollar amount is also $2. That means that your cost is $4 to run each session. This also means your gross margin is 96.8% and the markup is 3025%!

Becoming aware of your amortized cost comes into play when you are deciding on your price. And if you can save some of that revenue in your “future replacement fund” you’ll be all set when the time comes!

Click here to find out how to maintain a FIT Bodywrap system.

What type of support is provided with your purchase?

When choosing a vendor to partner up with it’s important to find out what type of relationship you’re getting into! Do they offer education, support and training? Is it free? Or will there be costs associated with setup?

Training is an integral part of introducing a new service to your business and this is the focus for some vendors. Others…not so much. You’ll want to know if you have questions will they be there in your time of need? Training should be effective and accessible to your employees. This way you don’t have to take time away from running your business.

Wondering about recouping your cost and getting the most out of your investment? Making sure that you partner up with an established company that will lend a helping hand when it comes to sales and marketing techniques can make a world of difference and save your company money.

Fit Body Wrap system

Are there retail components offered with the equipment?

In many salons and spas, there are two types of revenue generated, service and retail. Your body wrap will generate the service revenue and as long as the vendor you select carries retail items to back it up that’ll be a no-brainer for your clients! Offering branded and effective retail products will also make it easier for your team to up their sales. When it comes to offering pain relief and helping clients lose weight product pairings can not only make a difference in the effectiveness of the session, but they can make a pretty big impact on your bottom line as well.

To wrap it up, doing your due diligence when it comes to purchasing equipment is necessary. Asking the right questions and the amount of support after the sale is key to ensuring your success with your new body wrap!

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