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How Infrared Sauna Effects the Skin

When thinking of skin care the first things that come to mind may be lotions, potions, salves, and even nutritional supplements. Something that does not enter the mind is infrared. Yet, the infrared body wrap sauna by FIT Bodywrap is an innovative, exciting and effective addition to skin care. 

The word sauna is defined by the dictionary as “a small room used as a hot-air or steam bath for cleaning and refreshing the body.” Scientific and technological innovations have introduced saunas that use infrared instead of hot stones and water to produce steam in a confined room. Safe cooler infrared sauna systems have been developed that are more effective in producing the benefits at cooler safer more controllable temperatures. 

Infrared saunas such as the body wrapping FIT system directly target the whole body. The already beneficial detoxifying effects of a sauna on the skin multiply in this body-hugging infrared design. 

How the FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna Works

The FIT Bodywrap System is an immersion treatment that delivers far infrared heat directly to the body. During a session, the infrared heat penetrates the body working to increase core body temperature to elevate heart rate and blood circulation. This replicates a cardiovascular exercise. 

As the infrared heat slowly penetrates the layers of the skin it produces productive perspiration which forces sweat, fat molecules and toxins to the surface. The direct infrared heat works to detoxify the body, soothe aches and pains, speed muscle recovery, and boost metabolism. Unlike lotions, salves, and supplements, users of the FIT Bodywrap infrared sauna feel invigorated and refreshed within minutes of the session ending. 

Not like traditional sauna users, FIT Bodywrap infrared sauna clients have precise temperature control capabilities. The New FIT Bodywrap has four separate zones, each with its own temperature setting. That means that clients snuggled in the innovative body-hugging sauna can adjust each zone up to 130 degrees F in any or all of the four zones. 

While relaxing in the personalized infrared body wrap sauna for a session of 30-60 minutes, users will experience a rise in the core body temperature. This increases blood flow throughout the body as blood vessels dilate and blood pressure eases. The relaxation effect of positive oxygenation from increased blood flow helps nerves and muscles to relax. As perspiration increases, the skin undergoes a healing process.


How the FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna Works on Skin Care

The UV treatment of the FIT Bodywrap session provides users with resistance to UV damage from the sun. It can also function as a healing therapy to heal sunburn. As perspiration increases during the 30 to 60minute FIT Bodywrap infrared sauna skin pores open, exhale, and cast-off dead skin.

Regularly scheduled weekly or bi-monthly sessions can help manage skin conditions. The FIT Bodywrap enables the skin to freely perspire allowing a free flow of toxins from the layers of the skin out towards the surface. 

The FIT Bodywrap infrared sauna opens and clears pores, exfoliation, helps manage skin conditions and heal damaged skin and well as prevent and reduce UV damage.

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