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How Infrared Body Wraps Help Achieve New Year Goals

It’s a new year and chances are you’ve vowed to do things a bit differently in 2014. Maybe you want to lose those last 10 pounds that seem impossible to take off, perhaps you want to quit smoking or maybe your goal is a more general one, such as getting more fit and/or healthy. Whatever your goals are, infrared thermo wraps are likely to make it easier to achieve them. Here’s how.

Weight Loss

When it comes to losing those extra pounds, there’s really no substitute for a good diet and a regular exercise program – or is there? Actually, using an infrared body wrap system like FIT© can easily allow you to lose inches and shed a few pounds with each session. By combining a regular weekly body wrap session with a sensible diet and exercise plan, you are sure to make quicker progress toward obtaining your weight goal. To understand how it works and how an infrared wrap stacks up against traditional exercise, read through our previous weight loss articles.

Quitting Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs/Caffeine

If you are addicted to any toxic substance, it’s very difficult to get over the physical withdrawal symptoms when your body is craving more. In that case, regular detoxes can be a big help. The beauty of detoxing using a FIT Bodywrap© is that not only is your body ridding itself of the substance you are quitting, it is also eliminating all sorts of other toxins that are not water soluble. An added bonus? You are bound to lose weight and your skin will feel incredibly soft. For more information on how FIT Bodywraps© detoxify your body more effectively than other methods and additional benefits of infrared therapy, please review these detoxification articles from our blog.

Getting Healthier

By the end of the year, most of us are feeling the effects of compounded stress, overworking and overeating. The perfect time to regain your overall good health is at the beginning of a new year. If that’s your resolution, then adding a regular weekly body wrap to your schedule is just the ticket. Not only is an hour-long infrared wrap session quite relaxing, it helps to clear your mind and your body of toxins. The soothing far infrared ray heat is quite efficacious for treating all sorts of aches, pains and medical conditions, including arthritis, menopause symptoms, muscle aches, joint pain and more. In fact, our medical director, Dr. Aaron Flickstein, DC Emeritus (Ret) has written several articles about the benefits of infrared therapy, which you can read here.

No matter what goals you wish to achieve in the new year, FIT Bodywraps© are an excellent adjunct to your health and fitness plan. To find a salon near you, simply click on the “Store Locator” icon above and you can get started feeling and looking better right away.

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