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How Helpful is Infrared for Treating Medical Conditions?

We often hear about drugs that are considered efficacious in treating certain conditions due to the results of anecdotal reports using study and control groups. That’s the way medical research is done, right? The new drug is given to one group and not to the other and at the end of the study period, all subjects are evaluated for relief of symptoms.

But do these types of medical studies really portray the truth? Do all new medicines that make it to the market provide symptomatic relief that is greater than the side effects of taking the drug?

Helpful or Harmful Drugs?

Let’s look at an example using the drug group of statins. Statins are prescribed as a preventative treatment for patients who are at risk of heart attack or stroke. The term “statin” refers to a type of medication that reduces the level of fats (triglycerides and cholesterol included) in a person’s blood.

This group of drugs was approved based on a clinical research study that showed a significant, 30 to 50% reduction in heart attack risk for the group of subjects who took it. Sounds like a great result, doesn’t it? But if you drill down deeper into these statistics, you can easily see how they are very misleading.

Misleading Clinical Trial Statistics

Let’s say you took 100 men and gave them all statins for five years every day. Instead of three of them dying from a heart attack during the study period, only two did. That’s a 50% reduction in the incidence of heart attack. What the researchers failed to mention is that two additional people would die from stroke, which is only one of many side effects that include memory loss, muscle pain and more. In this case, it should be clear that the side effects are actually worse than the positive effects of taking the statins.

The real question when evaluating anything needs to be, “What is the number of people whom you need to treat (# needed to treat) before one shows the positive benefit you are going for?” In the case of statins, the number used was 500 and odds were good that they could show one of those people was helped after a year in the study.

The Efficacy of Infrared

In clinical diagnoses of environmental illnesses through lab tests, many people have been shown to suffer from multiple allergies, swollen glands and skin eruptions. In the case of some blemishes, the body uses the skin and sinuses to do what the kidneys, liver and intestines were supposed to do but couldn’t (eliminating toxins), because they became overwhelmed.

For those who are really messed up by chemicals, cognitive impairment, confusion, irritation, restlessness and fatigue are some of the most prevalent problems. There are so many possible ways to suffer from toxic overload. One study in Denmark found that 27% of the Danish population has been exposed to enough toxicins (manmade toxins) to make their immune system go crazy.

Now, if someone uses an infrared thermal system and a wide variety of harmful toxins are discharged through sweat, that person is helped. Consequently, everyone who is treated experiences a benefit. The same thing holds true for the pain relief benefits of infrared. If you have a condition that is responsive to infrared, you will receive a benefit – so 100% are helped.

We already know that Infrared thermowraps are great for treating skin conditions. But another possibility is that infrared therapy will bring relief for multiple symptoms. Anecdotal reports practitioners say infrared detox clearly shows what toxins are eliminated with the use of far infrared rays and the list is incredibly long.

As more research is conducted, I’m confident that infrared therapy, such as that provided by FIT Bodywraps©, will prove to be a very efficient and effective method of detoxification and relief from many illnesses.

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