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How FIT Bodywrap Can Change Your Business

There are tons of spa, beauty and wellness services on the market today. Each year there are new trends and ways to improve the client experience, generate more revenue and change up your business. This is great news because, as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, but it can also be important to consider the long-term when purchasing or deciding on new offerings for your facility.

FIT Bodywrap, the leader in infrared wellness has been providing infrared to people all over the world for nearly a decade. This means we’ve seen the trends comes and go (we’ve even tried some ourselves!) and we know that infrared, and the FIT Bodywrap system is safe, effective and results driven. Our proven and successful techniques have helped business owners all over the world diversify, gain new customers, grow and change their business for the better. Here are four ways FIT Bodywrap can create positive and lasting change in your business!

1. Proven

Over the years, we have perfected our craft, but we’ve always had the same goal. To make infrared heat accessible to people all over the world. We want to share our passion for infrared because we know it works. Countless studies and papers have been written on the benefits and effects infrared can have on the body, some of them by our very own Clinical Director, Dr. Aaron Flickstein. Infrared heat has been studied and utilized by humans for millennia because infrared immersion can provide noticeable health and wellness benefits.

2. Professional

FIT Bodywrap equipment is commercial grade and built to be used by numerous clients each day. During the design process, we made sure the body wrap and arm wraps were created for rigorous use. To do so, we utilized military grade equipment parts and sensors to ensure safety and consistency. The ever so simple FIT Bodywrap Controller allows a customer to completely customize their FIT Bodywrap session and the user-friendly interface allows for superior comfort and effectiveness. The word professional has two meanings to us. Our equipment is professional, but so is our team. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, creating a partnership and providing top-of-line infrared equipment paired with wholesome products.

Is the infrared body wrap business calling your name?

3. Effective

Getting customers in the door is one thing, turning them into a loyal client is another. It’s true, we all want new customers. Another truth? Tons of people can benefit from infrared sessions. Because infrared heat can provide benefits such as pain relief, weight loss, detoxification, skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, relaxation and more those customers will be back. Results driven services are important and clients want to know what they can expect.

Infrared heat is recognized for heating the body at a deep level to break up fats and toxins, ease aches and pains and increase circulation throughout the body. This soothing heat can assist with skin rejuvenation as well, but, that’s not all! Infrared heat also promotes calorie burn though the process of sweating, it breaks up fats and toxins that are released through perspiration as well as bodily functions and it promotes deep relaxation by lowering cortisol levels.

4. Effortless

We make marketing easy. Business owners have a lot on their plate and introducing a new service, onboarding your team and coming up with new promotions may be slightly overwhelming. To make sure you are successful FIT Bodywrap offers customized business reviews and marketing coaching to all Certified Providers. We also provide easy-to-access training for your team to make sure they are knowledge about infrared and feel comfortable talking to customers about FIT. We do this to ensure your success and many of the ideas we share may even apply to your business as whole. Our partnership and relationship with you begins when you become a FIT Bodywrap Certified Provider.

If you’re considering making a change to grow your business but you aren’t sure if your service menu is diverse think about your core service offerings. Is there something for everyone? When your business offers a variation of cohesive services, it allows you to switch-up your priorities if one service slows down or temporarily loses popularity with your clients. Diversifying your business provides you with more than one income source to protect you during a lull. Because of its versatility, a FIT Bodywrap system can remain popular year-round. Offering an infrared body wrap that provides plentiful benefits can lure an entirely new demographic of clients into your business. Not only that, but you may start seeing new body wrap business, or groups of clients who have never visited you before. Partnering up with an industry leader will set you up for success and make integration easy as can be.

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