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How Far Infrared Ray Technology Promotes Weight Loss

Chances are you have heard about every product under the sun that promises to help you lose weight without diet or exercise. They’re difficult, if not impossible, to believe. If it sounds too good to be true, it is, right? Usually the answer is yes, but in the case of Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology, it is possible to shed pounds merely by heating your body. It’s all based on scientific fact. Here’s how it works.

Sweating Is Good For Your Body

Did you know? There’s a lot of benefits to sweating. It not only cools your body when it overheats, but it also rids your body of toxins. Such substances as air pollution, antiperspirants, dry cleaning fluids and chemicals in flooring and paint are all toxins that accumulate in your body over time, and they’re found everywhere in our personal and work environments. The best way to get rid of them is by sweating – nature’s own detox system. When your body gets hot, your nerve endings are cued to produce acetylcholine, a chemical which induces the 2.3 million sweat glands located in your skin to produce. Over the course of a normal day, your body is likely to produce one or two pints of sweat which clean away built-up toxins. These toxins account for about one percent of the sweat (the other 99 percent is water). The more you sweat, the more your body is cleansed. Most of us don’t sweat enough; in fact we go to great lengths to stop the production of perspiration.

FIR Makes You Sweat

To put it simply, FIR heats your body safely and makes it sweat. As your body temperature rises, your organs jump into action to cool it down and remove toxins. They work hard at producing enough sweat to do so. The FIR technology used in body wraps doesn’t make fat leave your body; what it does is actually break the fat down into fatty acids – the same ones used by your muscles to produce energy. When Far Infrared Rays heat your body, the natural response is to sweat in order to cool it down. This sweat is fueled by the fatty acid energy. And all this activity burns calories. Fat enters the bloodstream and it is used as the source of energy for stimulation of your sweat glands. In addition to calorie burning, body wraps that use FIR technology help smooth away cellulite and improve the rate of metabolism. Your body rids itself of any number of toxic metals and pollution being flushed away via sweat. This also helps tone skin and improve circulation. So while it may seem as if you are doing nothing while submitting to a body wrap utilizing FIR technology, your organs are working away and using stored fat as the energy to sweat out toxins. When it comes to a natural way to lose weight that doesn’t involve ingesting any more toxins, it’s hard to beat the benefits of FIR technology. In as little as one hour, your body could burn a whole day’s worth of calories, making this an ideal treatment for the busy person who has only a lunch hour to work on weight loss. Try it for yourself and see how good it makes you look and feel! You can lose weight and relieve muscles, joint aches and pains over your lunch hour! Just one 60-minute session in a salon provides the healing relief and therapeutic cellulite melting properties of Far Infrared Technology. Find out for yourself how great it feels to be wrapped in warmth and walk away looking and feeling better. Visit our store locator to find a provider near you. 

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