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How do you Maintain a FIT Bodywrap?

We know that providing the best possible experience for your clients is your goal and hey, that’s our goal too. The equipment that you have carefully chosen to purchase should be well maintained and protected, maintenance is key!

If you are wondering:

  • How do you clean a FIT Bodywrap?
  • What type of cleaner should be used?
  • When is it time to purchase replacement parts and how do you make sure you stay on top of it all?

This is the blog for you! Our team wants to support you in protecting your investment and ensure quality for each client who visits your facility. Read on to find out how cleaning, purchasing replacements and the FIT Bodywrap support team are here to help!


Proper cleaning of the body wrap and arm wraps is essential. A cleanse should take place within 15 minutes after each session and deep cleaning should be done weekly or each day, depending on the amount of sessions that are taking place in your facility.

What to use? The sanitizer or solution you choose to keep your system sparkling clean should be a hospital grade disinfectant that kills germs on contact. Many deep cleaning solutions can be purchased in concentrate form and when you’re mixing up your batch of cleaner it is crucial that you follow the instructions for dilution.

It’s also important to follow state board cleanliness regulations in your state. All team members must be educated on cleaning and safety procedures.

For a step-by-step cleaning procedure please visit the Certified Provider Center.


Your FIT Bodywrap system is loved by your clients as well as your staff and perception is reality, especially for new clients that are just beginning their FIT Bodywrap journey. So, when is it time to order replacement parts? A piece of equipment that is heating up, cooling down and being moved around in vigorously each day is going show signs of how much it is “loved”.

To be certain your system is in tip-top shape, maintenance checks can be done weekly by your staff. To do so, run a test session and take note of the heat in each zone and the lights on the controller to ensure they are illuminating when they should.

Technical Support

As your partner we are here to assist if you have a question about the functionality of your system. Our FIT Success Guide does include a chart for common questions that may come up and our Certified Provider Center is always available.

If you do not find the answer you need or you’d like to speak with a knowledgeable FIT representative, get in touch!

Showing your FIT Bodywrap some TLC will keep your clients happy and ensure that you can run session after session! Putting together a cleaning and maintenance schedule can help keep your team organized.

As your FIT Bodywrap support system we are here to provide you with access to the Certified Provider Center, information about ordering replacements and any questions that come up along the way.

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Do NOT send the power cord or black dongle with your controller for upgrade.

We are not responsible for lost or misplaced accessories upon return.