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How Do I Choose the Right Infrared Body Wrap for my Business?

You have carefully and strategically planned out every service on your menu and every product on your retail shelves, and that has most likely been a process because within the beauty and wellness industry there are LOTS of great lines to choose from! So, let’s talk about those choices, and how to go about selecting equipment that really fits in with your vision. When looking into purchasing an infrared body wrap it can be helpful to start by creating a list of what you’re looking for in a wrap as well as questions that you have.

Keep in mind, when you make a large purchase, doing research, asking questions and feeling confident with the answers you receive is important. Your purchase is the start of a new relationship, so make it a point to get to know your vendor-partner. To make it super simple, we’ve put together a list of questions that you can ask to ensure that you’ve made the right selection. Questions to ask before purchasing:

1. What’s included with my initial infrared body wrap purchase?

Find out if it’s only the equipment included in the price or if you will receive a starter kit. If you need to purchase items separately that is something you need to know up front.

2. What do I need to offer this service?

Most infrared body wraps need electricity and a massage table to run a session. Some may require an attendant or a team member to physically wrap the client while others are DIY. This may lead you to ask yourself, “Do I have an employee or the budget to hire an employee to provide attended body wrap sessions?” If you don’t, the DIY route may be best for you. Decide how you plan to offer your body wrap and go from there.

3. Will someone help me train my team?

Product and service knowledge are paramount when it comes to lasting success! Your team will become your best sales tactic and making sure that training is provided should be a top priority. Some vendors include unlimited and complimentary training while others do provide it, for a fee.

4. Will I receive help with sales and marketing?

You may have the basics down, you’ve been advertising everything else offered at your facility, right? But, what about specific and customized assistance for your new equipment? Because you are creating a partnership, your body wrap vendor should review your business, ask questions and come up with ideas that can help you sell sessions.

5. What if I need more help than what’s initially offered?

If you’re new in the wellness and beauty industry or just new to infrared technology you may need a bit more help when introducing your new service, and that is A-O.K.! After your purchase you should have a clear idea of how to set up training, and that brings us to our next important inquiry…

6. Do I have a point person at your business after my purchase?

Why is this important? Well, if you need a question answered, an order to be delivered or just a general piece of mind about your investment you should be able to get in touch with someone that is knowledgeable about your account and can help you solve any snafu’s you run into.

7. What do I do if I run into a problem?

Detailed instructions and a user manual should come with your equipment, but if you can’t find the answers or information you need there should be a technical support contact for you to reach out to.

8. Are there resources available at all times?

It’s completely possible that you’ll have a question or want to train your team outside of normal business hours. For this reason, it’s important to find out if there are any online resources that can be accessed 24/7. Also, an online shopping cart or online ordering feature can really take the stress out of placing orders.

We also recommend reading reviews, client testimonials, checking out social media and reading blogs written by the equipment manufacturer to get a better feel for the team you’ll be working with! Click below and one our team members will get in touch, and yes, we’ll be able to answer all of your questions ;)

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