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Holiday Tips For Preparing For the Arrival of Family

The countdown is here…Christmas is just around the corner. If you are hosting the holiday celebration at your house this year, friends and family members may be on their way as you are reading this. Don’t panic; just read our tips for surviving the onslaught with your mental and physical health intact!

Plan Some Time For Outside Activities

Not necessarily out of doors, but you definitely want to be sure that your family members don’t just sit around your house the entire length of their stay. This is bad for you (chances are you’ll just end up eating and possibly bickering) and bad for them (especially if they finally cross the line and make you resort to dangerous defense tactics).

The best solution? Plan outside activities in advance. You might want to email everyone an agenda ahead of time so they know there will be no sitting around watching TV reruns the day after the big Christmas dinner; instead, you’ve planned a hike up a nearby mountain or a bicycle ride along the river…or a descent into a mine shaft in the desert (just kidding!).

Schedule a Detox and De-Stress Session

You already know the holiday and its aftermath is going to be stressful, so why not schedule some relaxing time away from home now? You could opt for massages or some select spa treatments such as manicures and a mud bath. Then again, tanning might be just the thing to make Aunt Mary behave nicely and send her home looking fit and healthy – the envy of all her bridge pals.

But there is one treatment you can’t do without and that’s a body wrap. You will definitely want to schedule a FIT Bodywrap session for everyone in your house. After an hour-long session of relaxation, detoxification and sweating away those extra inches, you and your guests are sure to be in a much better mood. Here’s how the infrared ray technology of FIT Bodywraps work to help you lose weight and feel great.

Break Out the Charge Card and Rent Rooms

Sometimes it’s just better if you avoid toxic situations before they get started. If you can afford it, it might be best to just book a hotel room for your family members. This way the only time you have to worry about a nasty confrontation between your dad and Uncle Al is at the dinner table. Afterward, everyone can retreat to their respective hotels and allow you to get a good night’s sleep and an invigorating jog in the early morning hours to clear your head before facing them all again.

The Christmas holiday can be quite stressful, particularly if you are hosting family members at your house this year. Take a deep breath, schedule a FIT Bodywrap session now, and do your best to get through this year’s holiday with enough energy left to face New Year’s Eve!

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