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Holiday Fashion and Figure Glamour Tips

It’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be wearing over the holiday season. If you’ve been working hard all year to lose inches and pounds, it’s time to celebrate your efforts! Now is the perfect time to show off your figure, even if it’s not quite where you’d like it to be just yet. Read on for tips about looking your holiday best this year.

Holiday 2012 Fashion and Makeup

Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with this year’s hottest makeup trends, including deep, rich reds on lips and nails. Purple and rust tones are all the rage, perfect to wear with your little black dress. On the other end of the spectrum are glittery pale shades of lilac, rose, aqua and gold. The lesson here? Either go dark and bold or light and romantic.

Black and red are still the go-to colors for your holiday wardrobe. For something more 2012, add in silver patterns, fake fur and animal prints.

The secret to making your fashion more glamorous is all in the accessories. Show off your golden glow after a session in a tanning booth by adding big flowers in your hair and pinned to a bodice or lapel. Sequin pins in red (of course) are perfect for brightly accenting your cute shoes or pretty blouse and a sequined scarf in black and white stripes adds oomph to any classic outfit.

Getting Ready for the Glam

Before you get dressed to celebrate the holidays via parties or other special events, do what you can to look your slimmest and trimmest and most sexy.

Need to shed a few pounds to look your best in a tight-fitting outfit? There’s a few things you can do ensure you are not carrying any more weight than necessary. For one thing, set the salt shaker aside. Salt makes you retain water, as do carbohydrates. Stay away from bread and pasta for a few days and replace sugary soft drinks with lots of plain water.

If you want to lose several pounds in just an hour, schedule a FIT® Bodywrap session the day of your party. It’s amazing that with just one session wrapped in our special FIT® coat and using our proprietary FIT® Body Booster spray, you can actually drop several pounds and a few inches from those troublesome areas such as tummy, hips and thighs. And while you’re at, you’ll be detoxifying your body while losing any remaining water weight.

And finally, if your figure still isn’t quite where you’d like it to be, invest in some good, body shaping and slimming lingerie. Slip into it before slipping into your holiday outfit and, along with these other tips, you are sure to look your best for any special event.

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