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Health Improvement Ideas to Replace Your New Year’s Resolutions

Are your New Year’s resolutions, made with all good intentions, slipping farther away from reality as the year progresses? Rather than try to complete a single big goal, it might be easier to change a few of your habits and replace them with new ones. Besides, making lifestyle changes is how you will get healthier and more fit, and stay that way long after 2013 is over.

Skip the Energy Drinks – But Don’t Skip Breakfast

Those canned energy drinks – which many people use to replace their morning coffee because they’re an energy booster easy to drink on the go – are full of noxious, and even dangerous, ingredients. Did you know that the FDA has linked hundreds of hospitalizations, and even deaths, to overindulgence in energy drinks? Go back to your daily cup of coffee or try a high-protein handful of nuts or a B vitamin instead.

And while you’re getting your energy fix, don’t forget to eat a good breakfast. Research has shown that when we eat is just as important as what we eat. To lose weight, ingest the majority of your day’s calories at breakfast and opt for a small lunch and even smaller dinner. Lean protein, fruits and good carbs all make for a healthy breakfast. Yes, it is the most important meal of the day!

Take Care of Your Biggest Organ

The biggest organ on your body is, of course, your skin. When was the last time you pampered it? If you don’t want to look old before your time, try eating the right foods, such as tomatoes (a great source of lycopene to prevent sun damage), dark chocolate (for their antioxidant benefit) and seafood, spinach and flaxseeds (which all provide elastin).

Next time you are enjoying a relaxing FIT® Bodywrap session, don’t forget that it softens your skin while helping your body burn lots of calories. What a great way to pamper yourself!

Detoxify on a Regular Basis

Every time you step out the door, you are subjecting to your body to loads of toxins and carcinogens in the form of smog, car emissions, solvents, petroleum products and more. All of these substances are easily absorbed through your skin and taken directly to your bloodstream. Although it tries to get rid of toxins, your skin often shows an adverse reaction to them in the form of rashes, bumps and other visible conditions.

Detoxification is a way to help your skin eliminate all those toxins you encounter on a daily basis. And FIT® Bodywraps help the process. By heating your body and causing it to produce sweat, the process of toxin elimination is enhanced. This is why your skin feels so soft after a body wrap session – all those nasty chemicals and other substances are gone, sweated away in a single hour-long session. You are likely to feel much less stressed, too.

Another benefit of detoxification? It helps those who suffer from allergies. Your body has less to react to when it is cleansed of those substances that cause irritation.

When total health improvement is your goal, making a few changes can have a major impact. Make FIT® Bodywraps part of your healthy habits by scheduling a weekly session to detoxify, de-stress and take gentle care of your skin.

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