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Health and Fitness Minded Gift Ideas

Who’s on your holiday gift list this year? Do you want to get them something that will not only be remembered for a long time, it will actually help their health and fitness goals? Take a look at these ideas for unique gifts perfect for anyone on your list.

High Tech Fitness

If your gift recipient is into both fitness and technology, then he or she will no doubt love getting something like the iFit app. This app works with an iPhone to capture a run or hike in one of your favorite places (such as on vacation at the beach or near a scenic landscape), then store it on the cloud so you can download it to your treadmill at home. Sure beats watching TV while running on the treadmill! Do be sure, however, that the treadmill in question is equipped to handle iPhone input. How about an armband that tracks everything from steps taken to calories burned to sleep patterns? Today there are high tech armbands made by Nike and other famous companies that track all those statistics and more with a simple touch of the digital screen.

Old School Gadgets

Everything old is new again, as the saying goes, and this applies to fitness and health gadgets, too. For instance, the foam roller is making a resurgence in popularity at the gym. A simple piece of tubular foam, it aids the user doing squats, push-ups and planks. A jump rope or a new yoga mat are always good ideas, too. There’s not much new about the iPod shuffle, either, other than its compact size and affordable price ($49 retail). If you want to give something to a runner or hiker that will definitely get used, opt for an iPod shuffle and perhaps a gift certificate for some new music downloads or an armband with a pocket to stash it in.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

If your fitness or health buff is concerned about the environment, check into the variety of products widely available today that are touted as eco-friendly. These products include laundry detergent, water bottles and even clothing and footwear made from hemp and other sustainable materials. For more ideas, check out this picture guide of eco-friendly fitness products.

Health and Fitness Services

If you want to splurge a bit on a present for someone special, how about buying a gift certificate that provides personal training services? This is one of the best ways to really motivate and encourage anyone on your gift list. A certificate for something like yoga classes or boxing lessons is a nice way to show you care, too. Another type of gift certificate that makes a very unique but welcome gift is one for FIT™ Bodywrap sessions. This is a really relaxing way to shed a few pounds in a single session while also detoxing the body and softening the skin. If your gift recipient has never tried a FIT Bodywrap session before, he or she is bound to love their first one-hour session and thank you for months to come for the amazing results they experience. Use our handy FIT Body Wrap Finder to find a location near you where you can buy gift certificates. Are you ready to get all your holiday shopping done? Use these suggestions to make everyone on your list surprised and happy when they open their gifts.

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