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Give Me Fever: Benefits of Infrared-Induced Sweating

How often do you sweat, really sweat, and allow your body to remove toxins, bacteria and other contaminants? For most of us, we never really sweat deeply enough to make a difference, health-wise. Even if you spend an hour or more exercising each day, you are unlikely to maintain a level of activity during that time period that raises your body’s core temperature enough to sweat profusely. So, why worry about how much you sweat? Why is sweating good for you? Read on to discover the many benefits of deep sweating and how to enjoy them on a regular basis.

Benefits of Sweating

Let’s take a look at what happens when the body is brought to a fever pitch, in other words, when its core temperature is raised by a degree or two from its norm. Sweating actually aids your body in the regulation of temperature and cools it down. Feverish sweating cues the body to produce white blood cells (in bone marrow) and T cells (in the thymus) that combat toxins and infections. This strengthens your immune system. There are additional ways that sweating provides benefits for our bodies. It is a way to flush toxins, particularly heavy metals such as lead and mercury, through the skin. Sweat contains antibiotics able to destroy bacteria on the skin’s surface and unclog the pores for smoother, silkier skin. While sweating, our bodies are best able to dissolve fat, reduce cholesterol and neutralize sodium levels, providing an advantage for our digestive system.

How To Get Feverish, Safely

While raising body temperature and sweating are beneficial, none of us wants to have to get sick in order to enjoy those many benefits! That’s not fun, nor is it available on demand. Instead, turn to the amazing powers of infrared rays. Just by slipping into the FIT® coat and enjoying a one-hour FIT® Bodywrap session, you will be producing a controlled fever that makes you sweat buckets. Research on sessions in a sauna utilizing far infrared rays indicates that the resultant sweating does, indeed, provide all of the benefits listed above. But rather than subject yourself to the intense heat and moist air you breathe in during a sauna session, a FIT® Bodywrap works more efficiently and makes you more comfortable during the process. When you step out of the FIT® Bodywrap, you’ll enjoy softer skin and a detoxified body in addition to losing inches. Talk about benefits! Where else can you lose weight and promote better health? For chiropractors and physical therapists, this is a real value-added service that could certainly make other forms of therapy more efficacious for your patients. Why not contact us today and ask about how you can put the FIT® Bodywrap system in your practice to make bigger profits with no money down and no risk?

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