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Generate Demand and Make More Profits With Your FIT Bodywrap System

When it comes to marketing your physical therapy or chiropractic service, there’s really nothing new about the basic concepts. It’s all about making consumers aware of your services and then generating demand for those services. What is new, however, is the ability to offer a cutting edge form of therapy that your customers will come back for again and again: the FIT® Bodywrap system. Here’s why you need this therapeutic infrared system in your practice and how to make it work for you.

FIT® Bodywrap Uses Far Infrared Ray Technology

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology works to alleviate your clients’ aches and pains while increasing circulation throughout the body. This can greatly enhance the other therapeutic services you offer by helping your clients manage their pain and improve their quality of life. FIR technology has been proven effective to treat the symptoms of arthritis, joint pain and muscle spasms, in addition to sports-related injuries and more. Detoxification and stress relief are just two more benefits that are achieved through the use of infrared body wraps. One of the best features of FIT body wraps are they self-administered. Just like a “sauna in a body wrap”, your customers simply watch a short instructional video, then wrap themselves and turn on the machine for up to an hour of soothing, infrared-induced heat. While they are enjoying the relaxing benefits of FIR technology, they will also lose weight, due to the calorie-burning effects of infrared ray warmth. For additional incremental revenue, you can offer our proprietary FIT® Booster spray as an extra purchase that will enhance results. Chances are your clients’ insurance plans will even pay for this form of therapy. Simply snap it onto your claim for pain management, spinal adjustments, or massage therapy.

Make the FIT® Bodywrap System Pay For Itself

As we’ve heard from successful tanning salon owners like Kristin Haga, the FIT® Bodywrap system can easily advertise itself after just one customer uses it. Because the effects are measurable and quick, your clients will walk out of your practice after using the body wrap system and do much of the marketing for you via positive word of mouth. Demand is generated automatically because the results speak for themselves! We’ve also seen some great results from business owners who use Groupon specialsto introduce the FIT® Bodywrap system. Offer the first session at a reduced price and your clients are sure to come back for more even when they have to pay full price. Many businesses that have incorporated the body wraps and advertised with Groupon have completely recouped the cost of the system after just one month! After installation of your FIT® Bodywrap system, we recommend you spread the word via social media. Because this service is so amazing and the experience so gladly shared, you’ll find that friends and followers help your news go viral without any incentive. Of course, advertising that health insurance coverage may pick up the cost will help, as well. Here’s another way to capitalize on your FIT® Bodywrap system: partner with other businesses, such as gyms, weight loss clinics, sports venues and the like to make more people aware that you are offering this innovative form of therapy. It works exceedingly well as a complementary service to venues where people regularly exercise, participate in weight loss groups or play sports. Are you convinced that your physical therapy or chiropractic practice could benefit from providing FIT® Bodywraps? We invite you to contact us today and ask about our easy financing terms so you can start making more money in your practice right away.

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