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FIT® Booster Spray: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Get familiar with our FIT Booster Spray solution used in conjunction with the FIT®Bodywrap. In a nutshell, the special spray was designed to create a barrier on the skin so that the body has to work harder than it normally would to produce sweat. It offers body contouring, slimming and anti-cellulite properties. The FIT Booster Spray contains a complex list of plant-derived active ingredients to help decrease the accumulation of new fat, and at the same time help stimulate the breakdown of fat in tissue. Here are our top 5 calorie-burning, anti-aging, slimming and toning FIT Booster Spray ingredients:

1. Caffeine:

It helps us wake up in the morning and allows us to stay wide-eyed while taking care of business. An instant energy kick, caffeine is found in our FIT Booster spray to help reduce wrinkles, shrink fat cells and smooth away cellulite. Caffeine has shown to constrict blood vessels to help reduce swelling for tighter skin. The FIT Booster Spray utilizes caffeine as a topical diuretic to help with cellulite reduction and detoxification. Based on a study found in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 76 percent of people who used a skincare product containing caffeine saw their thigh circumference shrink about half an inch.

2. Butcherbroom Root Extract:

No brooms involved in our FIT Bodywrap sessions! The ancient broom material, Butcherbroom Root Extract, as found in the FIT Booster Spray, can provide modern medicinal benefits. Recent research has demonstrated that the herb is applicable in the treatment of circulatory and inflammatory conditions, including: leg pain caused by poor circulation, tension, swelling, and more.

3. Dipalmitoyl Hydraoxyproline:

Experience beauty that is naturally you! Dipalmitoyl Hydraoxyproline, a natural amino acid essential for skin collagen synthesis, has long-lasting firming and moisturizing effects. It has been shown to improve the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating the synthesis of collagen fibers and restraining age promoting enzymes and free radicals.

4. Tea-Hydroidoide:

Break it up! – unwanted fat, that is. An iodine compound with the ability to break up fat, Tea-Hydroidoide, also stimulates the metabolism and eliminates excess fluids in the body. When applied topically, such as that in the FIT Booster Spray, it can promote loss of water, which carries waste and toxins along with it. Topical applications of ivy-based products such as the FIT Booster Spray are indicated for anti-cellulite and weight loss preparation use.

5. Escin:

Extracted from the Horse chestnut tree, Escin has astringent properties that are anti-inflammatory and boost circulation. Our favorite benefit that Escin provides is the formula’s ability to seal the capillaries and get rid of cellulite. Additionally, Escin counters the effects of the shorter wavelengths of sunlight – which gives it the ability to absorb UV radiation. References:

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